Augmented Reality Redefining Breast Augmentation & More Thanks to ILLUSIO


a1Augmented reality is changing everything. From gaming to business to medical procedures and patient consultations, the technology is constantly finding new use-cases.  Today a company based in San Clemente, CA, called ILLUSIO, has unveiled a new augmented reality application that will eventually transform not only the breast augmentation space for patients, but also other areas as well.

The new ILLUSIO software turns any iPad into a virtual mirror.  The plastic surgeon can then show the iPad to a patient, who will then see themselves on the screen with an augmentation to their breasts.  The patient can move their torso or turn to one side or another and the the software will adjust in real-time to their position, changing the angle of the virtual breasts which appear on their body.  The plastic surgeon can then change the size and shape of the breasts in real-time to quickly provide the patient with multiple options.  What this does is allow the patient to visualize themselves in the way they will appear following a procedure.

“We are thrilled to finally be in a position to offer our imaging system to plastic surgeons across the country. There has always been a need for patients and their surgeons to better communicate with one another. With ILLUSIO they can share the same exact image of the outcome of aesthetic surgery. Patients will no longer have to rely on before and after pictures of other patients. They can now simply see themselves.” says Ethan Winner, CEO of ILLUSIO.

ILUSIO is not stopping only at breast augmentation procedures, however.  In fact they are already preparing a similar augmented reality software for tummy tucks, and next they say they will tackle the world of facial reconstruction, nose reshaping, and facelifts.  For those wishing to view this software in person, ILLUSIO will be at the 2016 American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Aesthetic Meeting in Las Vegas April 4-6.

Let us know your thoughts on this incredible use of augmented reality technology.  Discuss in the ILLUSIO Augmented Reality Software forum on  Check out the video below explaining this software in further detail: