Woman Lands in Hospital for Putting Builder’s Foam in Her Hair by Mistake


There are people who have a bad hair day and just get over it. And then there are people who have a really bad hair day and have to end-up in the hospital to set things (hair) straight. A picture of woman is going viral on social media which shows here wearing loads of foam in her hair.

Apparently, the foam is not the normal mousse but builder’s foam used by construction firms to fill cracks and gaps in construction. Though the exact location where this picture was take is not known, it is believed to be somewhere in Eastern Europe.

More Hair Raising Questions

There are few things quite perplexing about this particular photo. Though the photo seems to be completely genuine, how did the woman came into possession of builder’s foam? Was it just lying around on her dressing table or in a bathroom?

362ecdef4c4b41108746234d839f44a3One explanation could be that someone from the woman’s house was in possession of the expanding foam, and kept the spray bottle somewhere accessible, which the woman mistook for mousse. Of course the woman could not have just walked into a hardware store or someplace where the foam is used and applied it to her hair.

From the picture, it is also apparent that the foam has hardened, which makes its removal a tough job. Expanding foam can be removed from one’s skin and hair by just rubbing it with baby oil or petroleum jelly, but when it solidifies, it has to be broken down physically.

Now since the woman’s hair was covered with the solidified foam, in all probability her hair was shaved completely. But again, as the picture was taken by someone who just snapped it out of curiosity with no intention of following it up, we may never know what actually transpired.