Famous Chinese Celebrities, Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, Spend £20 Million on Wedding


According to Google, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $26,444.  As a U.S. citizen myself, who knows how extravagant our culture can be, I would have assumed that a celebrity of ours would set the record for the most expensive wedding in history.  Surprisingly, however, a young famous couple in China may have recently set the record when they spent a whopping £20 million on their ceremony (nearly 31 million U.S. dollars).

So… who would spend that much dough just to tie the knot?  None other than 26-year-old model, actress, and singer Angelababy, also known as the Kim Kardashian of China.

Angelababy, born Angela Yeung, started modeling at age 14, and slowly added her talents in music and acting to her repertoire to become one of the biggest stars in all of Asia.  And, as often seems to happen, she married another huge star in Asia, actor Huang Xiaoming.

The ceremony was obviously lavish, to say the least.  Also in attendance, aside from the bride and groom, was a ten-foot tall wedding cake, a holographic castle, an2D83F72900000578-3277016-The_couple_wed_at_the_Shanghai_Exhibition_Center-m-72_1445129334252d Angelababy’s custom Dior gown, a dress that allegedly took five months to make.

And weddings wouldn’t be much without the audience.  Angelababy opted to have 2,000 of her friends, peers, and seemingly anyone else who wanted to come, in attendance.  Some of Asia’s biggest names were there to see Angela and Huang tie the knot.

The ceremony took place at Shanghai Exhibition Center, which, according to The Telegraph, was filled to the brim with thousands of roses, and the aforementioned huge wedding cake, which is thought to have taken a month to make.

Additional costs were accrued by the bag of party gifts given to each person in attendance which all included cell phones.  Also Angelababy’s huge six diamond ring from Chaumet cost £1 million alone.  The wedding is notable for being nearly twice as much as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s — A fact, which, based upon your interpretation, may be good, bad, or meaningless.

It seems to have been an event more for the public than the couple themselves.  They reportedly married in private five months prior to the event, and then streamed the public celebration live on the internet for anyone to see.  Either way, it was certainly an ostentatious affair, and one which, for better or worse, may have set the bar for over-the-top celebrity weddings.