Unlikely Hero of London Attacks Saved Lives By Throwing Bar Stools and Bottles at Terrorists


When tragedy strikes, there are always those unlikely heroes who seemingly come out of nowhere to save lives and help bring justice to those who deserve it. In the recent London attacks, a bouncer named Ozzy happens to be one of those “super heroes”.

After the infamous event where the terrorists in London plowed into a crowd of people on the London Bridge, those same terrorists drove to Borough Market where they entered the Wheatsheaf Pub and began stabbing a woman multiple times before proceeding to look for their next victims. Ozzy, who is a bouncer, feared that the terrorists had suicide bomb vests on, but he still decided to try and do what he could to deter the killers from hurting anyone else.

“I realized I had to do something,” Ozzy told his friend, according to TheSun.

Ozzy initially fled the seen. Being that he is a father of a 7-year-old, he feared for his own life.

“I heard a serious amount of screaming and commotion coming from the street,” he explained. “If I hadn’t turned back there were so many people caught up in the panic there would have been more hurt. Me and another guy started launching bar stools, bottles and glasses at them to try and disrupt them. It was completely chaotic, like a war zone. They ran through the barrage and we deflected them and they literally ran straight into the cops, who shot them.”

Ozzy’s courage led the terrorist suspects directly into the police officers who were able to shoot and kill them. If it wasn’t for his heroics in the face of danger, a lot of additional victims may have been stabbed and killed.

Friends of Ozzy say that he has really taken this incident hard, and that he is visibly shaken by everything that has happened.

“It’s not in Ozzy’s nature to run away,” one of Ozzy’s friends said. “I knew he would have done whatever he could to help.”

Ozzy is just one of the dozens of heroes who stood up to the terrorist and helped save lives. In addition to the police and medical personnel, there were also other bystanders who took action to protect others, even though it meant putting their own lives in danger.