South African Escapee Shoves His Own Feces in Police Officer’s Mouth


As mentioned before, police officers have some of the moist stressful jobs on the planet. If it’s not constantly having to look over their shoulders, it’s dealing with people who despise them or have just suffered a tragedy, which certainly can bring upon much stress.  Most interactions that police officers have on a daily basis are negative, and that negativity can build up and certainly have an emotional impact on an officer.

Car that the Assailant Fled From

Car that the Assailant Fled From

While an officer’s duty is to serve and protect the community they are employed by, police around the globe are constantly being harassed, shot at, and put in danger by the very people whom they are working for. This has never been more true than in a recent case in Cape Town, South Africa.

What’s one of the most vile things anyone could ever do to another individuals, which doesn’t include immediate physical harm? How about putting their own feces in another individuals’s mouth. That’s exactly what one escapee did to a police officer in Cape Town yesterday. As two officers were placing the assailant in that back of his police car, the man somehow was able to excrete his own feces into his hand. He then shoved the excrement into the mouth of one of the officers, who will remain unnamed at this time. Witnesses then saw the assailant jump out of the back door of the car, not handcuffed, frantically looking around before taking off running. Another officer on the other side of the vehicle jumped out and began chasing the escapee.

The officer who was attacked, began spitting repeatedly as he quickly walked up the street towards the police station. Witnesses say that he yelled “He defecated onto his hand and pushed it in my mouth,” as he swiftly continued towards the police department on Plein Street in Cape Town.

Such behavior has actually become somewhat commonplace in Cape Town, with suspected drug dealers in the past using the same tactics to try and escape police custody, according to c4the officer who was attacked.

“It is a very difficult situation and we said to our members that they have got to then restrict movement and make sure suspects are handcuffed from behind,” he said.

Certainly this is not something a police officer should have to deal with, but when a criminal is cornered I guess he/she will do almost anything to get away from the law, not to mention drugs may also have something to do with this ridiculous, vile behavior.