Incredible Footage of the 8.1 Magnitude Earthquake Which Hit Mexico Last Night


As if North America didn’t have enough problems from Mother Nature, with Hurricane Harvey striking Texas and Irma about to strike Florida this weekend,  Mexico has just experienced what appears to be the country’s strongest earthquake in approximately 100 years. The quake, which measured an 8.1 on the Richter scale, struck off the coast of the Southern coast of Mexico, just southwest of the city of Pijijiapan, and southeast of Salina Cruz.

Reports thus far indicate that at least 100 people have been killed, and that number is expected to rise as day breaks and crews are able to get into areas where victims may be trapped. Because of the location of the quake, tsunami waves also crashed onto the Southern Mexican coast. Luckily, because of the topography of the seabed around in this region, the waves only reached a few feet in height.

“It was a large-scale earthquake,” Pena Nieto, the President of Mexico said of the quake. “It had a bigger magnitude than the one Mexicans knew in 1985.”

Buildings were seen swaying, and many reports of damage have already come in as of early this morning. Below you will find a video clip of some of the damage that took place from the 8.1 magnitude quake.

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