African Monkey Looks More Like Wolverine Than Even Hugh Jackman Does


For comic book fans out their, Wolverine is likely one character which remains close to their hearts. The superhero, which is mainly associated with X-men, is actually a mutant human being named James Howlett, also referred to as Logan. Since its first appearance in 1974, Wolverine has become a multi-million dollar character for both Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. In fact, a new movie, Wolverine 2 is slated to debut around March of 2017 to fans around the world. After the first film raked in $414.8 million at the box office, those behind Wolverine 2 certainly have their work cut out for them.

A Typical Wolf's Mona Monkey

A Typical Wolf’s Mona Monkey

Hugh Jackman does an excellent job portraying Howlett and his superhero alter ego, Wolverine, in the various films, but one African monkey that’s residing at an Indonesian zoo may just have him beat. Wait, what?

You read that correctly! A Wolf’s Mona monkey, also referred to a Cercopithecus wolfi for those who prefer the Latin name, was recently photographed at the Batu Secret Zoo in Malang City, Indonesia, and has an appearance very similar to that of the Wolverine character from Marvel’s comic books.

Lessy Sebastian, a 51-year-old photographer from Jakarta took the photo as the monkey sat peacefully having a snack in the afternoon sun.

The Wolf’s Mona monkey is typically found in central Africa in the areas made up primarily of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They are found in low lying areas such as swamp forests and lowland rainforests, and are known for their vibrant colors. With that said, this monkey found at the Batu Secret Zoo, is more colorful and more flamboyantly marked wo3than the typical Wolf’s Mona monkey you’d find in the wild. Making it even more incredible is that nearly all of its markings are the colors you’d find on the Wolverine suit/uniform, blue and yellow.

Even more impressive is the fact that these colors are almost eerily found in the exact locations you’d find them on Wolverine himself. Its feet are blue, representing Wolverine’s blue boots, it has a blue facemark like Wolverine, with blue forearms and yellow legs. The only thing missing, separating this monkey from the famous comic book character is a better posture and Wolverine’s famous claws.

What do you think? Should 20th Century Fox hire this monkey instead of Jackman for their next film?