91-Year-Old Nazi Woman Faces 260,000 Murder Accessory Charges


The Holocaust is known as the most horrific genocide in modern history. Approximately six million Jews were killed by the German Nazi regime, led by the infamous Adolf Hitler. Of this number, about one million of these Jewish people were just children, and the crimes against humanity were not just aimed at Jews alone. In fact, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the mentally and physically disabled, homosexuals, Soviet prisoners of war, communists and many others were also targeted and killed. The total amount of murders committed on behalf of the Nazi regime is estimated to be around 11 million people.

While many of the individuals who took part in these mass killings have been charged as criminals, there are also plenty who have not. For one 91-year-old German woman, who worked at the infamous Auschwitz camp during the holocaust, she is finally facing charges in relation to her doings some 70+ years ago. The woman, who will remain unnamed for legal reasons, allegedly worked as a member of the Nazi Secret Service and also operated the radio for the camp for an extended period of time between the months of April and July of 1944.


The woman has been charged as an accessory to 260,000 murders because of her partial role in allowing the camp to operated. The indictment states that she was “a helper in the systematic murder of the Jews transported” to the camp.

Because of her age and the fact that she is so frail, it has not yet been determined if she will be medically cleared to stand trial. If she does, it’s also unlikely that she will ever face any jail time. If the court determines her to be medically fit, a trial would be scheduled to take place in Kiel, Germany at some point.

Other former members of the Nazi regime have recently gotten out of standing trial by using “dementia” and other medical conditions as an excuse.

What do you think? Should this elderly woman be forced to face trial for taking part in these horrendous acts over 70 years ago, or is it a waste of time and money trying to prosecute them?