Man Sentenced for Having Sexual Relations with a Slide


Everyone has a fetish. Or several. Some are tame, some are not. And some are just plain weird.

Weird is really the only way to describe Christopher Johnson’s fetish. The UK native, at 46 years old, was recently caught simulating a sex act with a slide. Yep, you read that right. A slide…the type of slide you would find in a playground.radiant-barrier-low-e-emissivity-material-playground-slide-down And this wasn’t the first time.

Johnson recently admitted to public indecency with a slide. This was after police were summoned to Stoke Green Park in Coventry in the United Kingdom at 10:45 pm on Wednesday, August 18th after four people spotted him inappropriately engaging with a playground slide.

Just last year, he was also arrested for undressing and performing a sex act atop a slide. His punishment will include sex offender treatment for 18 months and a rehabilitation requirement, in addition to a fine and paying for court costs.

As strange as it may sound, he is not alone. This actually isn’t even the weirdest documented example of object sexuality, a sexual orientation in which an individual focuses on particular inanimate objects.

Another woman is in love with the Golden Gate Bridge, and others in this eye-opening documentary, available on YouTube, are attempting to pursue relationships with other architectural beauties, including the Eiffel Tower and other objects.

Research has shown that about half of the 40 or so known individuals suffering from object sexuality are on the autism spectrum, and many have suffered childhood trauma. These individuals have been documented on Good Morning America, the Tyra Banks Show, in the Daily Mail, and in other news outlets.

One prominent member of their community, Erika Eiffel, who “married” the Eiffel Tower, founded OS Internationale, an online community for people who identify with or wish to research the condition of loving objects.

So while Mr. Johnson may technically be a sex offender, he is not alone. And hey, to each their own. At least his fetish doesn’t directly involve children.