Mother Claims that Pope Francis Cured Her Baby with his Touch


A lot has been made of Pope Francis, and the unconventional approach he has taken since being elected as the successor to Pope Benedict XVI in March of 2013. While he has a lot of supporters, many conservatives believe that his liberal approach to the papacy is a bit too drastic.

While Pope Francis has done a tremendous amount of good, while also bringing to light many of our misdoings over the years, it is his untraditional style that has many people of different religions partially supporting his actions. We are talking about Muslims, Jews, and atheists turning their attentions to Pope Francis in support of many things that he has to say. While he is far from being a saint, he may actually be on his way to sainthood one day, at least according to one mother, named Lynn Cassidy.

pope3Cassidy, one day last year, visited Rome with her husband, two teenagers, and their very special baby, named Ave. Ave had a medical condition in which she had two holes in her heart.

The family intended to see Pope Francis, and they were told that if they stood on a specific barricade in St. Peters Square, that the Pope would come by in his Pope-mobile. While they fully expected to see the Pope, what they didn’t expect to happen was a miracle.

“My husband Scott held her (Ave) up, like the Lion King, and the Pope came by, and the secret service person, Johnny, stopped and took her from Scott and held her up to the Pope,” Cassidy told USA Today. The Pope asked my husband, ‘How old is she and what’s her name?’. ”

Scott told him that Ave had two holes in her heart.¬†When the family went back to the cardiologist the following month, they miraculously learned that one of the holes in Ave’s heart was completely closed up, while the second had shrunk to about half of its previous size.


While it is impossible to tell for sure if the healing of Ave’s heart was indeed a miracle performed by one of the most holy men on Earth, or if it was merely a coincidence, Cassidy believes it was the former, and it is hard to argue against the evidence.