3-Year-Old Girl Stabbed By a Heroin Needle on a Bus in Dublin – Awaits Results of HIV Test


One of a parent’s worst nightmares is their kid being in the proximity of hard drugs.  Usually that worry doesn’t set in until the kid is in their teens, but for this family, their toddler was inadvertently subjected to it.

Alysha-ZambraThree year old Alysha Zambra was riding the bus in Dublin with her mother Stacie when the incident occurred.  After noticing that her daughter was crying and her finger was bleeding, Stacie deduced that her daughter had been stabbed by a needle now believed to have contained heroin.  An ambulance was called and Alysha was rushed to Crumlin Children’s Hospital where she was treated and given an HIV test, the results of which her mother still waits for in agony.

It has proven to be a traumatic time for the parents of Alysha.  Stacie has said of the ordeal, “Nobody should ever have to go through this.  This country is ruined by heroin.”  She also vividly recounted the incident, saying, “When I saw the color of what was in the needle, I nearly passed out.  It was like everything flashed in front of me.  All I remember is saying, ‘I need help for my baby.  My baby needs an ambulance.'”

Stacie lamented the conditions of public transportation, saying “To know that my daughter put her finger on something that was stuck into someone’s vein makes me sick.”

Shockingly, this isn’t the first time a young child has been exposed to a loaded syringe on a Dublin bus.  A six year old boy had the exact same experience as Alysha last January.

It seems these episodes are not merely a coincidence but a symptom of the fact that heroin use is allegedly rife among the general population of Dublin.  According to a recent statistic, there are 9,200 residents of Ireland in methadone treatment, most of which live primarily in Dublin.  It is one’s hope, however, that Alysha’s story will serve as an incentive for the city to crack down on this problem.  It is not only dangerous and problematic for those who are completely innocent, but there should be better treatment options for the addicts themselves.

One can only hope in spite of this disheartening incident that Alysha walks away from this unharmed and gets a chance to live the healthy and happy life she deserves.