Alleged Bill Cosby Victim Seeks Her Day In Court


Bill Cosby may soon find himself on the witness stand.

A lawsuit against him, alleging sexual assault, was filed this week in US District Court in Los Angeles, seeking punitive damages for problems the victim has endured since an incident in 2008.  The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office is reviewing the related police investigation and could initiate criminal charges soon based upon the results.

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Chloe Goins alleges that Cosby gave her a drink at the Playboy Mansion that made her “sick and dizzy”. After blacking out, she awoke to find herself in a room naked. The lawsuit states that her breasts were wet and sticky and Cosby was lower down on the bed biting one of her toes. When she confronted him, he left the room.

“Bill Cosby touched an intimate part of Chloe Goins’ body while she was seriously disabled and/or unconscious,” the document states. “Ms. Goins at no time gave Bill Cosby consent to touch her body in any way, let alone in a sexual manner.”

As a direct result of the occurrence, says the complaint, the victim has suffered both mental anguish and loss of self-esteem and dignity.

No date when the incident allegedly occurred is specified. However, the filing takes advantage of a provision in the law that grants victims of underage sexual abuse a period of several years after they reach the age of 18 to take legal action against the perpetrator. Goins was 18 in May 2008, and her attorney Spencer Kuvin previously said the event in question had occurred in August of that year. Cosby’s attorney has claimed he was out of town when the molestation supposedly took place.


Goins’ is the third suit launched against the comedian since last year. Three of his other accusers have filed legal complaints in Massachusetts for defamation, citing comments released on his behalf that branded them as liars.

Another woman is bringing the 78-year-old Cosby to court in Los Angeles as well. Judy Huth says he molested her at the Playboy Mansion when she was just 15. Lawyers for the two sides are scheduled to appear in a Santa Monica courtroom on Wednesday, where they are scheduled to argue a motion regarding Cosby’s upcoming deposition in that case.

Although there have been about forty similar complaints against Cosby in the last year or so, the majority are outside the statute of limitations and therefore not subject to legal action.