Jack White Shows Up to Neighborhood Potluck Event Unnoticed


It kind of seems like a dream, to be widely recognized for your music, and yet able to blend in with others in your social life.  The illustrious musician Jack White recently got the chance to experience this… if only for a day.

Currently a renowned solo artist and member of multiple bands, Jack White rose to fame as the frontman for The White Stripes. photo-of-jack-white-and-meg-white-and-white-stripes After recording several critically and commercially successful albums with the duo in the early- to mid-2000s, White has since been riding an ever-ascending escalator of fame.

So as someone who doesn’t seem intensely concerned with the spotlight when it isn’t related to his music, the Tennessee native seems to have chosen the right place to live.  When he showed up at his neighborhood potluck a couple days ago, few of his neighbors even recognized the rock star.  Most were unaware of his stature, some were unfazed by it.  All of them treated him like just another guy from the neighborhood.

He was reportedly very humble throughout the experience, never disclosing who he really was or making any allusions to his fame.  He apologized for missing past potlucks and explained that it was due to traveling, without explaining why.

It proved to be such a low-key event that it may not have even gone viral, were it not for potluck attendee and user of Instagram, Jedediah Jenkins.  She snapped a picture that tells the whole story, even without knowing any of the details.  (See below.)


Jenkins also shared her perspective on the event, saying, “My mom helps put on a neighborhood potluck in front of my childhood home. Our little dead-end street is populated primarily with older and quiet people. The houses are modest and suburban. My neighborhood has been doing this potluck for over a decade. At the bottom of our street, there is a large gated historic home shrouded in trees. We’ve never really spotted that neighbor. But we have from time to time heard guitar coming from the garage. This year, without warning, the occupant decided to come mingle with the neighbors.”

It’s good to know there are still places where people who have achieved a certain level of fame can still have down-to-earth experiences.  With all the tabloids and internet gossip, it is easy to sometimes think of our society as almost hopelessly addicted to fame and the deification of the famous.  It is true, however, that there are certain places in humanity, where people can just be people, no matter who they are.