Donald Trump is Rejected by Melania on the International Stage as They Arrive in Tel Aviv


There has been a lot made about the relationship between President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, ever since Trump took office several months ago. While some people write it off simply as the media making a big deal out of nothing, others are convinced through facial expressions and the couple’s interactions with each other, that there is almost a disdain for one another.

There are a lot of signs that point in the direction that Donald and Melania Trump may even be unofficially separated. After all, Melania is living in New York with her kids while Donald Trump spends most of his time either in Washinton D.C., Mar-a-Lago, or New Jersey. When they are seen together, the two Trumps never appear overly close to one another, nor do we ever see any signs of affection between them.

Embarking on their first trip overseas as President and First Lady, the Trumps have both had smiles on their faces, but as we all know, smiles can be deceiving.  Are Melania and Donald really a happy couple, or has Melania simply been thrust into action by a husband who oftentimes allows his ego to get the best of him?

This morning, we may have a clearer answer, again if you go by body language alone. In walking down the red carpet in Tel Aviv, Israel early this morning, after deboarding Air Force One, President Trump looked over at Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who was holding his wife’s hand. Trump then proceeded to reached for Melania’s hand as they approached a crowd. Instead of grabbing hold of it, Melania instead swatted it away while she kept her pace a few steps behind the President. This can be seen in the video below.

Perhaps there is nothing to be made about the swat, but if Melania really didn’t have a disdain toward her husband, would she have really rejected him this blatantly on an international stage, at a time when his Presidency is in turmoil? Probably not! What do you think?