Leaked NSA Documents Show Russia Hacked Election Software: Are strange tweets from Trump & Roger Stone just a coincidence?


It is pretty much a given at this point in the Russia election investigation that Russia did in fact interfere with our election process. From what the public has seen thus far, it is evident that Russia ran a propaganda campaign through traditional and social media in order to influence the election outcome in favor of President Trump. However, what hasn’t been mentioned much is whether Russia could have actually interfered with vote tabulation. Could Russia have hacked voting machines, changed votes, or inhibited votes from being cast or counted?

An exclusive report from The Intercept, appears to show that the Russian government hacked the software of voting machines prior to the U.S. election. Through leaked documents from the NSA, obtained by The Intercept, the US government now has evidence pointing to Russian governmental hacking that was targeted toward voting systems in the United States. While the report doesn’t confirm or deny if the Russians were successful or not in directly affecting vote counts or not, it is pretty apparent that they tried to do so.

What is even more interesting is what happens when you take this leaked info and then combine it with tweets and comments made by both President Trump and Republican political consultant, Roger Stone (thanks to twitter user Caroline O. – @RVAwonk for bringing this to our attention).  Roger Stone, for those of you who don’t know, was an adviser to Trump’s presidential campaign up until August of 2015.

As we are all familiar with Donald Trump’s repetitive claims of voter fraud, perhaps he is right, and the election was rigged? Maybe this NSA report is actually corroborated by Donald Trump’s tweets. Could it be a bit of reverse psychology on the part of Trump in trying to get out in front of a possible defense for himself if Russia is found to have actually rigged our election in some way?  This would give Trump a possible out, in saying, “see, I told you so, but no one would listen!”

Trump is known to use this same form of psychology often, and it was seen a lot in his attacks of Hillary Clinton during the campaign process where he would directly attack his opponent with accusations of things he actually was doing or had previously done himself.  When asked about his sources for information concerning election fraud, Trump is always reluctant to provide any real answers.  Could it be because he knows if he says that he was privy to information from the Russians, it would implicate him as being in collusion with those who took part in the crime?  These are just theories, but it gets more interesting when you view some of Roger Stone’s tweets, especially those made on dates aligning with key dates in The Intercept’s report.

Those key dates are August 24, and October 27 – November 1, and here are some of the tweets made by Roger Stone during those dates.

Why is it that when the Russians were apparently trying to hack into election software and were sending phishing emails out to government officials, was Roger Stone so insistent on voter fraud occurring?  Was this some sort of “Just in Case” defense, just in case the government were to have found that the Russians were actually hacking our election system in favor of Trump?  Was this perhaps Stone’s way of gloating to America that he has a vast knowledge of what is “really going on”?  No one can say for sure at this point, but its quite coincidental that these comments were made at a time when the NSA believed Russia was trying to break into our election system.

Undoubtedly the investigation is still on-going, and whether or not Donald Trump or Roger Stone knew anything about Russia’s ultimate plan is yet to be seen (at least publicly), but it’s definitely something worth considering.