Trump Thinks He’s Blocking People on Twitter, But There’s A Way Around It!


It was a week ago today that I found out that the President of the United States had blocked me on Twitter. It all began when I replied to a tweet of his which boasted about and took credit for how well the economy was doing. Being that I have a background in economics, I decided to chime in and inform him that the numbers he had been referencing were actually lagging indicators, meaning that they reflected more on Obama’s economic policies than his.

Apparently the prospects of the previous President being responsible for today’s economy didn’t go over too well with him, as I soon found out that I could no longer read or reply to the President’s tweets. That night I didn’t lose one wink of sleep, however, as I found out that hundreds of accounts were slowly being blocked by the leader of the free world, who also happens to use Twitter as an official line of communication with Americans. This is America, and like it or not, President Trump represents us all. It is undoubtedly unconstitutional for him to prevent a small portion of the populace from reading his official messages to America, and its frustrating that he would prevent feedback from those whom he disagrees with. While I am certain there will be lawsuits, and more than likely the plaintiffs will win, this likely will drag on for years. There has to be another solution, I thought.

So off I went to find the solution to circumvent the President’s unconstitutional actions perpetrated against the American populace. After searching Google for things like “how to get around a Twitter block” with no luck, I decided to come up with a list of some of the more notable individuals who had been blocked by the President prior to myself. I then took this list and paid a visit to each of their accounts to see if any of them had been replying to Trump’s tweets despite their block. After a few hours of tedious searching I came upon the account of a man named Rob Szczerba. You all likely heard the saying “He must be a rocket scientist.” Well, Rob is actually a rocket scientist, and I guess it took the genius of one to figure out a way to circumvent Trump’s violations of the First Amendment. I noted that despite the fact that Rob was blocked by the President, he replied to almost all of his tweets. I immediately reached out to Rob, and within a couple of hours he responded back. He informed me that there is actually a website application called which allows users to view and reply to tweets from accounts that may have blocked them, and that he had been using the app with great success.

Immediately I went to the website to test his claims out and lo and behold, it worked!! So if you were blocked by President Trump on Twitter and still want to hold on to your constitutional rights, all you have to do is go to, connect your Twitter account and start reading and replying to the childish tweets of a man who’s leading the free world. The only payment I ask for from you for this solution is for you to let other’s know how they too can circumvent Trump’s unconstitutional actions.