Donald Trump Condom Ad Goes Viral


While there certainly aren’t a lack of insults being thrown at the President of the United States, one such insult, in the form of a spec ad is getting a lot of buzz this morning. The ad, which depicts an image of President Trump trapped inside of a tied condom, cruelly reads “Some people should never have been born”.

As you can see from the image of the ad below, the graphic representation of the President is quite realistic, and if a condom company was to actually use this image to sell their condoms, I’m pretty certain they would be flying off the shelves, at least in the blue states.

The company who created this masterpiece, Platinum FMD, is actually located in Brazil and they have a team of 13 talented artists. They produce a variety of artistic designs for advertising, as well as for just about everything else, and have agents all over the planet, including the United States, Germany, Mexico, Columbia and Turkey. Donald Trump was not the only world leader who made it inside a condom. North Korea’s Kim Jong-un also made the cut, as you can see¬†below

While The President certainly won’t be a fan of this artistic rendering of himself, he’s also likely not a consumer of condoms either. So if you are a condom manufacturer and like what you see, I’m sure Platinum FMD is more than¬†willing to talk.

Let’s hear your thoughts on this creative, cruel and controversial ad spec in the comments section below.