New Cinnamon Toast Crunch Commercial, ‘My Milkface’ Has the Internet Buzzing For All the Wrong Reasons


Perhaps my favorite cereal of all-time is Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The combination between sweetness and crunchiness, combined with the heavenly tasting milk that is left in your bowl once consumed, makes this cereal the breakfast of choice for many. General Mills, the company behind this tasty concoction, is known not only for putting out great tasting products, but also for their tremendous marketing ability.

Just this week, a new commercial debuted from the Minneapolis based General Mills, trying to convince television and internet viewers that Cinnamon Toast Crunch should be their preferred breakfast cereal. While the TV ad is quite unique, it has left the internet buzzing, for many of the wrong reasons.


Titled, ‘My Milkface’, the commercial combines new¬†version¬†of Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’ song with some additional elements of comedy (or at least attempted comedy). As three individuals sit at the breakfast table, each one of them takes a drink of the delicious milk leftover in their bowls, and immediately each one of them gets a huge smile on their face (the ‘Milkface’). They then stand up and begin dancing to the tune of “Milkface” by Kelis, as others join in.

milkface1“My milkface is an elevated state,” the song goes. “Cinnamon is my soulmate. No debate because it tastes so great. That’s why I got milkface. If you want it, the milk tastes oh so sweet. Just like heaven between your cheeks. Try this technique.”

After some more lyrics that certainly makes Kelis’ original song sound as though it is a piece by Mozart, the song goes onto say, “My milkface brings all the crunch to the yard. One bite tastes better than y’all. That’s right, it’s better than y’alls.”

The reactions to the commercial, while mixed, seem to have more people mocking it than actually complementing its creativity.

“So there’s LSD in cinnamon toast crunch now?” Asked Facebook user, Dani York of Springfield, Missouri.

“Another trashy commercial showing bad manners and inappropriate behavior,” wrote Youtube user Sandy Williams. “Not o.k for adults to hold spoon that way or drink from their bowls. What is the purpose of the “Chuckie” looking doll? General Mills, YOU are part of this country’s problem.”

“I don’t feel like dancing after I eat cinnamon toast crunch I feel like eating another bowl of it and maybe another after that it’s really addicting,” wrote Ashley Bigham on Facebook.

Obviously this is a pretty good marketing ploy by General Mills, regardless of opinion. It has done a terrific job of getting people talking, and they say there is no such thing as bad press! Just let’s hope this commercial doesn’t leave a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

What are your thoughts on this new commercial?