Official Trailer Released For HARDCORE – First Ever POV Action Feature Film


h2'If you are like me then you enjoy spending countless hours playing first person shooter games. From Wolfenstein back in the early 90’s, to Doom, 007, and Halo, first person shooter video games have been all the rage. Not only do they make you feel like you are actually in on the action, but they oftentimes allow for multiplayer action as well; something else gamers seems to readily embrace.

With the seemingly unending demand for new first person point of view (POV) video games, one has to ask, why not a movie, right?

That’s exactly what the Moscow-based film director Ilya Naishuller thought as well, when he launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign back in December seeking to raise $250,000 for the production of a film titled ‘Hardcore’. Hardcore was to be the first ever action POV feature film to be produced and raised a staggering $254,954 via the campaign.

Here we are nine months later and the first official trailer for the film has been release at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I have to say it’s, well, pretty darn hardcore. The film, which stars Haley Bennett, Danila Kozlovsky, and Shallot Copley, centers around the point of view of a man named Henry. Henry is a newly resurrected cyborg who upon resurrection must save his creator & wife Estelle, played by Haley Bennett.


If you thought films such as ‘Kill Bill’ were violent and bit grotesque then you haven’t see anything yet. Judging from the recently released trailer, Hardcore features some of the more gruesome action scenes I’ve ever set my eyes upon, and it’s all done in a rather remarkable first person point of view. The entire film will be viewed through the eyes of Henry, making it unique in just about every way, and judging from the trailer the special effects look fairly decent.

“The stunts alone are insane. Jumping off buildings, running on bridges, jumping on cars on a freeway, explained one of the members of the production crew on Reddit. “Even when you can see the safety lines (which you can’t in the final film) The human brain can’t process some of the action, it’s just so over the top cool.”

Whether an audience can withstand watching an entire movie from a first person point of view is yet to be scene, but you got to give Naishuller and his team credit for thinking outside the box, not to mention raising the necessary funding via the crowd.

For those in the Toronto area the film opens tonight at the Film Festival.  Check out the full trailer below if you think you can handle quite a bit of violence: