NHL Hockey Player Donates a Staggering $10 Million to Children’s Hospital


Time and time again, people criticize professional athletes for their lack of care when it comes to their communities. While the pro athletes of yesterday were seen, for the most part,  as positive role models, today’s NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL stars are not seen in the same light. While there are plenty of sports stars who do give back to their communities and set tremendous examples for the children and teens who look up to them, there are also plenty who do just the opposite.

The past decade has been filled with steroid scandals, sex scandals, and stories of domestic and child abuse among athletes. A growing number of athletes seem to be getting arrested for drug possession, DUI incidents, and other crimes which make it seem as if they don’t care about the impressions that they make on or toward society.

For one young hockey star, named P. K. Subban, he seems to defy this growing trend, and he does so in a huge way. One of his latest acts may have just topped them all though. Subban, who signed an 8-year $72 million contract with the Montreal Canadians back in August of last year, has just announced that he will be donating $10 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The donations will be made over a period of seven years, and will partially go toward the treatment of underprivileged children.

pk1“Sometimes I try to think, ‘P.K., are you a hockey player or are you just someone who plays hockey?’,” Subban said. “I just play hockey. Because one day I won’t be a hockey player anymore, I’ll just be someone who played hockey. So what do I want people to remember me for other than being a hockey player? Well, everytime you walk into this hospital, you’ll know what I stand for.”

That is because the hospital has officially named their waiting area the “P.K. Subban Atrium”, in honor of this extremely generous donation.

“As I was walking out of the back room (of the hospital), I noticed the P.K. Subban lettering up there and I got goosebumps,” Subban said, according to CBC News. “It’s not too many times I get goosebumps in what I do playing hockey for a very long time in front a lot of people. That’s probably the only time I got goosebumps in a long time,”

Not only is Subban a superstar in the hearts of the children whom he will be helping, but he’s a superstar on the ice as well. The 26-year old has already won the James Norris Memorial Trophy as the NHL’s best defenseman, as well as a gold medal with Canada in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Last season he recorded 15 goals and 45 assists for the Canadiens.

What do you think about this extremely generous donation by one of the NHL’s up and coming stars?