PAT Good: After Deflecting off of the Ref’s Head


Friday night is usually quite the happening night in towns that follow their high school football teams. I remember getting together with all of my friends, and riding our bikes down to every home game during football season. There is just something about high school football that is special — something that is missing from college and professional ball. Perhaps it’s the fact that these kids are of all sorts of talent levels, yet even the less talented players give it their awe on any given Friday.

For the Midland Lee Rebels, in Midland Texas, last Friday night appeared to be just another game against another Texas high school, as they squared off against the El Dorado Aztecs of El Paso. Neither team was coming into the game with a winning record, and neither was ranked very high in the state of Texas, but like all high school football games in The Lone Star State, the excitement was certainly there.

midlandThings got even more exciting in the second quarter, when Midland Lee kicker, Luis Aranda lined up for an extra point following a touchdown. A high snap to the holder led to the ball being placed on the ground just in the nick of time. You could tell it threw Aranda off though, as his started his trot toward the ball. When his foot finally made contact, it ended up being a horrible kick, one which would have been well short of the goal post had the referee not conveniently been standing in it’s way.

As you can see in the video, the ball deflected off of the ref’s head, knocking his hat to the ground and going directly over and between the goal post for the PAT. According to high school football rules, this counted as a legitimate kick, and the Rebels were awarded the extra point.  Not exactly the prettiest play that you will see in high school sports, but perhaps once of luckiest of the year.  Midland Lee ended up winning the game by a score of 35-16

What do you think about this kicker’s lucky kick?  Should it count, or should the rule book be changed?