Want to Boycott Sean Hannity’s Advertisers? Here’s the Complete List


If you haven’t heard about former Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer, Seth Rich, than you are either living under a rock, or simply don’t watch Fox News. While CNN, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times were all covering the Trump/Russia investigation, Fox News has been spending a large portion of their time pushing a conspiracy theory about the death of Mr. Rich.

For those who don’t know the story, Seth Rich was a former DNC staffer who was killed during an expected botched robbery in Washington DC last year. Conspiracy theorists jumped on the story, claiming that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks prior to his murder, and thus the DNC or even Hillary Clinton was responsible for his untimely death.

After the story began running on the more mainstream Fox News, Rich’s family issued a statement asking for the media to stop reporting lies and using their son’s name to push such a baseless story. They claimed that in doing so the media was hampering the actual investigation into his murder. While Fox News, themselves did in fact recant the story when it became known that the private investigator at the center of the whole conspiracy was misquoted, Sean Hannity, host of The Sean Hannity Show, continued covering it. He even went as far as doubling down, saying, “I am not FoxNews.com. I retracted nothing!”

As a boycott is being called for by many liberal groups, we feel that it’s everyone’s right to make a statement via their pocketbooks if they feel it’s necessary. So here is an extensive list of primary and secondary advertisers on the Sean Hannity Show this month:

Primary Advertisers:
Alfa Romeo, Allstate, Angie’s List, AstraZeneca, Bayer, Blink Health, Boehringer Ingelheim, Booking.com, Capital OneCasper, Consumer Cellular, DirecTV, ExxonMobil, Harvest Right, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical, Hulu, Hyundai, Jenny Craig, John Deere, Liberty Mutual, LoanDepot, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Nutrisystem, Optum, PC Matic, ProFlowers, Publishers Clearing House, Sandals, Shari’s Berries, Terminix, UNTUCKit, Vanda Pharmaceuticals

Secondary Advertisers
AC Pro, Alka Seltzer, Allergan, American Petroleum Institute, Amerifit, Armor All, AT&T, Athene, Atkins, Audi, Australian Dream, Avis, BASF, Bass Pro Shops, Bath Fitter, Bausch + Lomb, Beaches Resorts, Blue-Emu, Bounty, CA Technologies, Cars.com, Cascade, Centrum, CenturyLink, Chamonix, Charles Tyrwhitt, Charmin, Chattem, Cialis, ClearChoice, Comedy Central, Crowne Plaza, Donald J. Trump for President, DR Power Equipment, , Dr. Scholl’s, Duracell, Ebates, eHarmony, Eli Lilly and Company, Expedia, Fabletics, Ferndale Healthcare, Fixodent, Fleet Labs, Freshpet, Geico, Gilead Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline, GoDaddy, GoodRx, Grasshopper, HomeAdvisor, HomeLight, HomeToGo.com, IBM, Indeed, Intel, Infiniti, Jaguar, Jardiance, JoC. A. Bank Clothiers, JustFab, Kerasal, Kia, Kingdom, La Quinta, Leesa Sleep, , LendingTree, Lexus, magicJack, Marie Callender’s, Mattress Firm, Men’s Wearhouse, Microsoft, Miracle-Ear, , My Pillow, Navy Federal Credit Union, Nexium, Nissan, Novartis, NRA Foundation, Orkin, Oscar Mayer,, OurTime, Panera Bread, Peloton, Pfizer, Phazyme Gas and Acid, Preen, Principal, Quincy Bioscience, Quten IP Holdings, LLC, Raid, Reddi Wip, Reelz, Ring.com, RockAuto, , Safelite, Sea-Bond, ServPro, Scotts, Sirius XM, Symbicort, Sleep Number, SoClean, Soothe, XP, Stanley Steemer, Stein Mart, Subaru, SuperBeets, Super Beta Prostate, Swiffer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, TD Ameritrade, Tempur-Pedic, Touchnote, TruStage, United Milage Plus Explorer Card, USAA, Varidesk, Venus, Viking River Cruises, Visiting Angels, Vistaprint, Vonage, Wagner OEX, Wax-Rx, WeatherTech, Zenni Optical, ZeroWater

  • Mark Matthieu

    How about just don’t listen if you don’t agree with what he says? These companies do not support his opinion just because they advertise, no more than the companies that advertise on MSNBC. Trying to shut down opposing voices is what they do in China and North Korea. We should be better that that.

    • Derrick Wildstar

      It’s not an opposing voice when that voice is constantly lying!

    • Chief Gumbo Speaker

      Have you heard of this thing called capitalism? Companies get to decide who they care to be associated with. Nut job conspiracy theorist Hannity appears to be losing some support. This is working as intended.

    • orlandobob

      The government does that in China & North Korea, Trump would like to do it here. But what the public does has nothing to do with freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Advertisers should be made aware of who they sponsor.

    • absence of light

      Words have consequences. And advertisers do have a huge amount of control where their advertising dollars get spent. If I’m a customer of XYZ and find that they’re pumping their profits into ads that pay for something I find repulsive… it’s absolutely my right to let them know they’ll be losing my business if they continue doing so.

      Freedom of speech means the government doesn’t get to restrict what you say, except in very narrow circumstances. It doesn’t give you carte blanche to not have the disgust of the public punish you for the words you use.

  • Charles Turner

    Do you know how stupid you American are looking to the rest of the World. First of all there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, but there is lots of evidence of collusion between Obama and the ex British Prime Minister David Cameron to influence the largest democratic vote in British history when we voted Brexit. Yet i don’t see any calls for Obama to be prosecuted. What he did was disgusting , suggesting we would be at the back of the queue ( line) in our dealings with the USA in the future. The British people rightly stood up to him.
    Secondly, unless I am mistaken Seth Rich was murdered. He was only one of a very limited amount of people that could have got access to this information and thirdly wiki leaks offered a huge reward for his death. This sounds more like a red hot lead than a conspiracy theory. In any other democratic.country the police forces would be all over this and it wouldn’t be put to bed until someone was found and convicted.
    It seems that many Americans have lost all their morals.

    • William T.


    • Sardis

      ‘It seems that many Americans have lost all their morals.”

      Sounds like you’ve lost your morals if you’re willing to ignore the pleas of Seth Rich’s family to stop torturing them with the cynical conspiracy theories. Seth Rich was shot walking alone at night, drunk, through a sketchy urban neighborhood. It’s the kind of violent crime that happens every day in cities but rarely gets remarked upon.

      “He was only one of a very limited amount of people that could have got access to this information.” What is your basis for knowing what information a low-level staffer like Rich could have had access to? Did you read it on InfoWars? Do you think you have more expertise than the countless intelligence agencies and cyber security that have stated Russia was responsible for the leaks? Or are they all just in on the liberal conspiracy too?

      Meanwhile, did Obama direct the U.S. government to hack into Brexit advocates’ computers with the goal of releasing private communications to embarrass them? Did American agents generate fake news articles and spread them in the U.K. as part of a misinformation? Oh, no, Obama just publicly urged the British people to take a specific course of action. Totally the same thing and worthy of being prosecuted.

      Give me a break.

      • Charles Turner

        NO we in the United Kingdom do not trust your intelligence services. They took us into the Iraq war based on lies. 1 million dead! They have hacked most of their allies computers and phone systems. Most notably Angela Merkel of Germany and all the French presidential candidates in the 2012 election. I watched in shock when Comey and Rodgers stated that Russia had somehow effected the Brexit result. Russia had nothing to do with this at all. Obama came and threatened u economically if we voted for Brexit. It was a disgusting political intervention. If you beleive that fake news effected Brexit you know very little about the UK population.
        In the eyes of the world America is looking like it is falling apart. It seems that many ofyou would prefer to go to war with Russia, rather than make peace.

        • gumshoe242

          Your own leaders made those decisions. Moron.

          • Charles Turner

            people always insult when they have no rationale argument. Our leaders made the decision based on false intelligence provided by the USA that there were weapons of mass destruction. I assume you are familiar with the USA policy of false flags. Operation Northwood, Operation Mongoose, etc.

        • Derrick Wildstar

          Only the simple minded Right Wing Conservatives want to go to war with Russia. Any person with a brain knows that going to war against Russia is suicide for the USA.

          • Charles Turner

            Everyone that is pushing the ‘trump colluded with Russia narrative’ is heightening tensions.

        • ELBK

          The word you mean is “affected,” not “effected.”

    • Yvette White

      What dose Obama have to do with this story?? And we’re not talking about Obama you people love deflecting from the truth or whatever’s at hand it’s always Obamas fault or it’s Hilleary’s fault I mean at what time in your miserable lives Do you Peckerwoods start to take responsibility for your own actions instead of blaming everyone else it’s always someone else’s fault and you people think you are the ones that are always write what I have news for you you’re wrong on this as you are on so many other things please leave Obama and Hillary out of your corrupt president’s business He has proven time and time again he cannot be trusted and that he is unfit to run this country and to think all it took for him to get there was uneducated hillbillies like yourself

      • Charles Turner

        He is not my president. I am from the UK. We are just watching this show in horror as your press fabricates and lies and expects everyone to lap it up.Luckily in the Uk we still live in a functioning democracy

      • ELBK

        Right. The loyal Republicans plus the uneducated hillbillies. Still, Hillary won the popular vote by almost 3 mil. But in this country, it’s the electoral votes that count.

    • Derrick Wildstar

      Charles….they are putting together evidence that there was collusion between Trump and Russia. It takes time. Stop pushing a right wing conservative backing and please try to look at your own morals!

      • Charles Turner

        10 months. And both Comey and Rodgers says there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. You are having a laugh. The Russian never expected Trump to get in. No one did. 6 months before the election ,if anyone predicted he would win, it was met with howls of laughter. By the way I am not right wing. America lost out badly when the DNC did a hatchet job on Sanders.

        • Chief Gumbo Speaker

          Comey has NOT said that. You are incorrect.

        • gezuscryst

          Fucking idiot.

          • Charles Turner

            poor poor little man. You can swear at someone but you cant put together a rationale argument.

          • gezuscryst

            Oh, conservatard, my constituents put their arguments together on my behalf. No need to get waste any more time with an ignorant conservatard. Good day sir!

      • Charles Turner

        you dont put together evidence. You collect evidence.

    • Chief Gumbo Speaker

      Charles Turner, your opening statement is false. There is quite a bit of evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. There are also significant, and deep financial ties between the Trump family and Russian organized Crime. Do you know Trump casino payed a $12,000,000.00 fine for being found guilty of laundering Russian money? This is a fact.

      So your “no evidence” is a lie. Either one you have been fed and are spreading, or one you made up to spread yourself. The evidence is mounting, daily. So fast it’s hard to keep up.

      • Charles Turner

        there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians. It is Trump that you are all trying to impeach, not other people.
        But even if we look at the campaign, General Flynn was hired and fired within 23 days because he lied. He was also pre vettedby Obama. So waht has Trump done wrong here. Paul Manafort was also fired before Trump took office. So waht has Trump doen wrong here. And sadly a British ex spy compiled a fake dossier which was later proved false.
        Please give me a list of facts where Donald Trump (the man himself ) has colluded with Russia and also what he colluded over. And which of these collisions was a crime that needs prosecuting.
        If you don’t like Trump or his politics, then get behind decent human beings like Bernie Sanders. You had a crooked candidate who colluded with the media and you paid for it

        • Chief Gumbo Speaker

          First off. Lets be realistic. Neither of us has access directly to the information and evidence gathered by the FBI. We DO know that the Trump campaign itself is under investigation. We do know that almost every Senior level adviser and cabinet member have had undisclosed contact with a Russian ambassador and handler for the FSB.

          We do know that Trump himself has appointed these people for no apparent reason, other than their Russian connection. Take Rex Tillerson for example. Given the highest Russian civilian honor by Putin himself. Was appointed Secretary of state, despite the FACT that he and Trump had never met, and he has ZERO experience in international diplomacy. Tillerson then began to eviscerate the State Dept, which helps absolutely no one in the world more than it aids Russia.

          We could also go down and discuss one by one each contact by Manafort, Page, Sessions, Flynn, Bannon. But I don’t have the time, and I expect you don’t have the cognitive ability to digest it all. If everyone around him is complicit, how in the FUCK do you do the mental contortions to absolve Trump of Treasonous activity?

          Trump himself is under investigation, the evidence piling up, most of it is still classified, but if you listen closely to the folks who have clearance to see it, and have been briefed, not one has said that Trump himself is in the clear. Comey never said it, and in fact his firing alone amounts to Obstruction of Justice, and is an impeachable offense. Usually the cover-up is worse than the crime itself. In this case that is unlikely to hold true.

          For the record, I voted for Bernie as well. But you are a fucking idiot.

          • Charles Turner

            ‘I expect you don’t have the cognitive ability to digest it all.’
            People always tend to insult when they they are not confident in their arguments.
            Gneral Flynm was pre vettted by Obama and only lasted 23 day in theTrump administration. Can you really pin this on Trump.
            Mannafort was dismissed before Trump became president. So wasnt even in the White house.
            My view on Tillerson was that he was appointed to try and bring an end to the new cold war with Russia and to help bring around a grand bargain over Crimea, Ukraine and Syria. In any other time in the world this would have seemed a sensible move.
            Sadly this seems a pipe dream now. Sessions spoke with the Russian Ambassador. So what? I would have thought half of the Democrats in the house have had some dealings with Russians. Its politcs. You do know that the USA and Russia share intelligence don’t you.
            You say, ‘But you are a fucking idiot.’
            Thank you. I am sure i wont lose sleep over that. But thankfully I am in the UK were we still have respect for fellow human beings

        • Tim Anderson

          The only question you need to answer Charles, is if Hillary had hired a guy as NSA chief or as campaign manager who had taken money for “consulting” from the Russian, Ukraine or Turkish government…would you be calling for her impeachment now had she won the election…if you’re answer is “No” I think you’re lying, and if it’s “Yes” then you’re a hypocrite. Your choice.
          To answer your question, just because Trump did not knowingly work with the Russians, does NOT mean that he is innocent. As ex-CIA director John Brennan said, a person may not be knowingly communicating with someone they think is a spy, many times they’re unwitting accomplices…you know like bragging about spies they have abroad or intel they’ve collected. Trump is a braggart…and that’s not a good trait for someone trying to keep secrets.

          • Charles Turner

            My answer would be a firm NO. I wouldn’t ask her to be impeached over this. I’m from the UK and whether we like elections or not, we stand behind democracy and the will of the people.

            Also there would be no crime consulting for these countries. The crime would be if the money received had been directly related to their position of power in the USA government. If this is proven, then it would be these individuals that should be prosecuted. Not the President. General Flynn only worked for Trump for 23 days after he was elected. He was pre vetted by the Obama administration. So surely you cant pin him on Trump. Or can You? Paul Mannafort is more interesting. But here again Trump fired him before he was elected. So linking Trump himself to collusion is very flimsy.

            The only case against the President, whether it was Hillary or Trump would be if they colluded in this financial arrangement.. What we know so far that both the NSA and FBI have said there is no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians and in any other country apart from America this would no longer be news.

            I think the world would have been a lot better of if Hillary hadn’t colluded with the media and the DNC to destroy Bernie Sanders. Bernie would have been President and at least you would have someone with morals in the White house. I have never liked Trump. The words I would have used would be egotistical, narcissistic and misogynist. But I do believer he was 100% fairly elected and the attempt to take him down may have bad consequences for the rest of the world, especially if we end up going to war.
            If you are a Democrat and hate Republicans but hate Trump even more, you can put the blame firmly on a few people like Hillary Clinton and Donna Brazile. I do hope that Bernie Sanders prosecutes them,

          • Tim Anderson

            Your statement that Gen. Flynn was pre-vetted isn’t entirely true, there are different levels of security clearance…the vetting process for a
            high-level national security post in the White House is a deeper check
            than the one required for security clearance renewal. Also, the White House vetted him, supposedly, in Jan. 2016…so let’s not blame Obama for that. Finally, Flynn received his money from Turkey in the fall of 2016, his last payment of 145,000 dollars coming Nov. 2016…so the fact that the Trump Adm. didn’t know this is all their fault.

          • Charles Turner

            I don’t disgree with you. Lets not blame Obama. But lets not blame Trump either. It i not his fault. If General Flynn was vetted at a higher level, Trump wouldnt have doen this. This would have been done by administration staff, many of them from the previous administration. So even if Flynn as guilty it doesnt mean Trump is. It just means that somewhere down the hierarchy the vetting has gbe wrong. In fact Trump should be applauded for acting so quickly. ask yourslef, if Obama had appointed Flynn and this had come out, ould people be crying for Obama to be impeached.

    • Lisa

      Don’t be daft.

  • panskeptic

    Charles Turner, there is a difference between intelligence and evidence.

    Intelligence is what security services do, and there are half a dozen countries besides the United States that have solid intelligence pointing to collusion. The U.K, Estonia, Poland, Australia, Holland and France have all supplied intelligence that is overwhelming in putting the Trump campaign solidly in bed with Russia.

    Evidence is a legal concept, and that is taking shape quite nicely. It is being amassed, and will be made public as the investigations and then the prosecutions follow along.

  • Slacker

    When the story is about a Democrat, its a conspiracy, When its about a Republican, its a scandal. Please stop the hypocrisy

    • Holmer_k

      As someone who has been a republican for 40 years, I’d say you need to wake up. It’s the right that started the conspiracy theories. And it’s the right that created the conspiracy that brainwashed you.

      I watched it happen to parts of my family over the past 20 years or so. The alt right used to be laughed at with their conspiracy theories. No one took them seriously for years. That was a mistake because they were conspiring all along to brainwash republicans.

      It’s really going to be fun to watch when it all comes down on your heads. When tRUmp is impeached, when Pence and Ryan go down with him, please come back so we can all have a laugh at your expense.

      There is a reason that Hatch is getting the daily security briefings already. He is most likely to become the president. And soon at least in Washington’s time frame. The only real question that remains is who will be left. Which few weren’t involved at all?