Is Donald Trump’s Health Failing? Signs Point to ‘Yes’


Sometimes in the game of politics, irony comes back around to bite you right in the butt. This is exactly what seems to be taking place surrounding the health of our 45th President, Donald Trump.

If you recall, back in October of last year as the election was just around the corner, the Trump Campaign made a huge deal out of Hillary Clinton’s ‘health problems’. While the majority of the rumors were based more on conspiracy theories and ‘fake news’ rather than actual facts, the Trump campaign capitalized on two minor incidents in order to make Clinton appear to practically be on her death bed. Clinton initially had a coughing spell during a speech back in September, but it wasn’t until the infamous video of her fainting episode during a 9/11 memorial event, that those on the right began questioning if she was physically fit enough to lead our nation.

The Trump campaign spent millions of dollars on one particular ad which shows footage of the coughing and fainting spells, while a narrator stated, “Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world.”

Here we are just six months removed from Clinton’s health scares and the President himself, who had claimed to be the ‘healthiest president ever’, is showing signs of a lack of stamina. First it was reported that Trump had canceled several events during his 9-day international trip. Then it was revealed that the President was late for a G7 photograph in Sicily after having to wait for a golf cart to transport him, since he did not want to walk the 700 yards to a piazza in the hilltop town. On top of all of this, the Trump Administration has just canceled a campaign-style rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa next week.

Perhaps there is a reason why the President took five months before leaving the confines of the White House, Mar-a-Lago, or his New Jersey Golf Course for his first international trip. There is no doubt about it that the Presidency is a job which can take its toll physically and emotionally, especially on a 70-year old, slightly-overweight man, but Trump’s mental and physical well-being seems to be declining rapidly only 4 months into his Presidency.

  • Jock40

    The fittest president ever? Haw, haw, haw, that’s a good one. The doctor who said that should be doing stand-up comedy.

    • IanM

      Considering his Doctor is a Gastroenterologist, he will know a lot about his bowels, but not much else! My guess is heart attack or stroke within a year, while the Dementia progresses nicely.

    • Deborah Lawrence Hale

      He should have his license to practice revoked.

  • rowdygirl

    SLIGHTLY overweight? He’s a bloated overweight pig, who doesn’t believe in exercise & thinks KFC is a healthy meal. He probably thinks the green parsley twig on his steak is a salad!

    • Deborah Lawrence Hale

      I was taken aback by the modifier “slightly”, too!

      • orlandobob

        Yep, he’s a fat fuck!

    • MikeFeldman

      president Clinton?

  • MollyLimbaugh

    SLIGHTLY overweight? The shoulders and upper sleeves of his suits are padded to make him look rectangular! True.

    • Deborah Lawrence Hale

      I wondered why they said “slightly” about Trump’s obesity, too!

  • Fittest? I’d love to see him go head to head with Obama in ANY physical competition whatsoever. Even Bill or W could take him in a sack race.

  • Hank Gillette

    Slightly overweight? He is clinically obese.

  • MaryAnn Emmett

    He’s a fat pasty fukk!

  • Nun Ya

    It is hilarious how fast the Trumptanic is sinking.
    Trump is on tape contradicting himself on literally every single issue and the only thing Trump and his swamp cabinet of ultra rich are trying to do is give massive tax breaks to the ultra rich (themselves) at the expense of everyone else, mostly children and the poor, elderly and disabled.

    Trumpcare – massive tax breaks to the ultra rich (themselves) at the expense of
    everyone else.

    Trump’s tax “plan” – massive tax breaks to the ultra rich (themselves) at the expense of
    everyone else.

    Trump’s only interest is profiting off of the presidency as much as he possibly can, that’s all Trump has done and that is all he will ever do.