Report: Mueller is Pursuing Trump on 3 Different Impeachable Crimes


Ever since Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate President Trump, we have heard all sorts of rumors regarding exactly what he may be looking into. Some are obvious, such as colluding with Russia, but other possible alleged crimes go much deep and span greater lengths of time.

Claude Taylor, a former White House staff member for Clinton, has become somewhat of a Twitter reporter when it comes to being a resource for leaked Trump information. He has many connections both inside the White House and the intelligence community, and his sources have proven to be correct in the past. Yesterday he unleashed a rather intriguing Twitter thread on the social media platform. It read:

“Source with knowledge of investigation. Mueller is proceeding along 3 broad fronts. Investigating Trump for ties to Russian Organized Crime, especially money laundering and other illegalities tied to his business career. The second front is the Trump Campaigns and their collusion and coordination with Putin/Russian Govt in fixing the 2016 election. The third front is Trump’s crimes as president especially obstruction of justice. My source says Mueller’s team feels confident that Trump has committed impeachable offenses on all 3 fronts.”

So it’s not just “collusion” and “obstruction of justice” that Taylor’s sources say Robert Mueller is investigating Trump for. Rather it stems much deeper than that, into possible money laundering and organized crime (thus the rumors we’ve heard about a possible RICO case). Only one crime is required for an impeachment hearing to take place, and it appears as though Mueller, who has hired an all-star team full of investigators and prosecutors, will be digging quite deep into Trump’s entire business career.

Keep in mind that most legal experts agree that a sitting President can not be indicted for a crime. However, that doesn’t mean that a President who is kicked out of office or resigns can not be. Also keep in mind that to be thrown out of office, it does not require a unanimous vote like it does in a criminal trial. It’s possible that Trump could be found guilty in an impeachment hearing but not in a criminal court. It all depends on the evidence, if any, that Mueller and his team can build.

  • Is this story a “part one” or something? What are the “crimes” Trump is supposedly guilty of?

    • mcfilmmakers

      Did you even read? It’s there in plain english!

      • MikeFeldman

        An intelligent question. No likes. A dumb ass answer 5 likes. I rest my case.

        • mcfilmmakers

          It isn’t intelligent to ask a question you have an answer to. I rest my case.

    • MikeFeldman

      This story is just another factless piece of gossip this site peddles as news. Hillary Clinton could be guilty of molesting underage females at her commencement speeches. I”m waiting for a former member of the Eisenhower administration to confirm. Notice how the article says Trump could be indicted if he’s kicked out of office. No mention that to impeach him, the Republican majority Congress would need to refer impeachment to the Republican controlled Senate. Then, if all 48 Democrat Senators voted to impeach, 19 Republicans would have to join them. Does anyone believe that the Senators and Congressmen up for re-election next year wouldn’t weight their personal situation? These articles are pure fiction.

      • Cubby

        Dream on, Trumpettes. Daddy’s goin’ down! He’s been deserving of public humiliation & prison since the first time he kicked elderly & disabled folk out of their rent-controlled apartments to fund his diamond dildo collection. Greed & cruelty never win. LOCK HIM UP!!!

        • MikeFeldman

          Brilliant political commentary. Who’s the dreamer?

          • Nun Ya

            Pointing to Clinton does not excuse Trump and his lies, that’s just a poor deflection.

        • MiaSara

          Sadly I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Not when we have idiots like MikeFeldman running around believing they can grow beanstalks from the handful of magic beans Trump gives them.

          Trump is a vessel for their hatered and stupidity.

          • MikeFeldman

            If I’m an idiot you’re sub human. What idiots like you don’t realize is that I am not a fan of Donald Trump. On election day when we were given the choice of Donald and Hillary, I knew I’d be happy the next day whoever won, because the other one lost. When Trump won I said to myself: “OK the US has played the ultimate joke on itself” and I moved on. I am a fan of process. Trump got 306 electoral votes. He was elected. Idiots can’t get over it. Smarter people look at North Korea, Iran, Russia and ISIS and realize that we have one President at time, suck it up and unite behind the office.

          • Nun Ya

            Few people will unite behind Trump…it’s hard for people to unite over giving massive tax breaks to the ultra rich (themselves)

            Also Trump can’t fill hundreds of positions and has almost no one willing to get on the sinking Trumptanic.

            Trump is a joke worldwide and his only interest is profiting off of the presidency.

          • Nun Ya

            Clearly you haven’t been paying attention at all Mark.

            Trump said CNN is fake news.
            Trump said polls are fake.

            Now Trumpsters are pointing to a CNN poll.

            Do you see the problem Mark? lol

          • I do see a pattern. When CNN gets a chance to editorialize, they do. When its just a “non-scientific” poll on their web site where not a single CNN “reporter” (and I use that term very loosely) utters a single WORD we see the real story.

            I’m sure that’s what you were trying to say. Right?

          • Cubby

            Online polls??? HAHAHAHAHA!!! There’s a very good reason why online polls are never taken seriously. Do you know it? Obviously not. It’s the same reason why lie detector tests are not allowed in court.

          • ANONYMISS

            I have always supported the sitting POTUS regardless of party because it’s in the country’s best interest to have a successful presidency. However, when our Potus has no respect for the office, the country or our democracy, repeatedly lies to the public, incites hatred among the people, disregards laws and acts as tho hes above the law, not to mention the things hes accused of doing, I simply cannot and will not support this Poyus

          • Communists are unable to do that. Its beyond their capabilities. And don’t even get me started on OBAMUNISTS (like Mia)

          • Oh, I know this one…. Hatred and Stupidity is in my Liberal to English translation dictionary. Hatred = disagreement with the way I think. Stupidity = failing to believe and think exactly like me.

            I guess Trump is doing right by the country after all to attract this much ‘hate and stupidity’ from the left.

            Liberal tears are just DELICIOUS.

            Let the Deep State Dinner Theater continue. Its the best way for we clear thinking Americans to feast on the livers of our enemies.

      • You gotta wonder. Is it that the democrats are stupid? or do they just believe Americans are stupid? Either way it’s obvious they are appealing to the low-information crowd.

        If Russia interfered with the election, it isn’t Trump’s doing. He was a private citizen running for elected office. Oballah was the president during the election. Any Russian entanglements happened on his watch and his administration is responsible. Or hadn’t the left thought about that.

        • mcfilmmakers

          Mark, grow up. Trump jr spilled the beans. Time to face reality, not reality tv.

    • Nun Ya

      Mark, you should have read the article before you posted.

      Trump is under investigation for:

      1.) Ties to Russian Organized Crime, especially
      money laundering and other illegalities tied to his business career.

      2.) The Trump Campaigns and their collusion and
      coordination with Putin/Russian Govt in fixing the 2016 election.

      3.) Trump’s crimes as president especially obstruction of

      The investigations are just getting started, the subpoenas are just starting to fly, the public hearings are just starting, we won’t know the whole story until the multiple, expanding investigations are complete. Mueller is still adding more investigators.

      Remember, the investigations into Nixon started with the Watergate break in and after a couple years of investigating, Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

      And the investigations into Bill Clinton started over a failed land deal and turned into the Lewinsky BJ investigation. Investigations can uncover many things and Trump has a lot to hide besides his tax returns and sources of income.

      Mueller is digging into Trumps 30+ years of Russian connections, business deals, mob connections, shell companies, money laundering.

      There are decades of Trump frauds and scams and shady deals to dig into.

      Federal investigations can take years, so you should enjoy the downfall of the serial liar and conman.

      • MikeFeldman

        Lots of white space wasted blowing smoke. With Nixon and Clinton crimes were committed and investigations followed. Here many are chasing their tails looking for a crime to investigate. All I see so far, is no nothings throwing the book at Trump as if what they say can change anything

      • Sorry. I should have specified “crimes with supporting evidence thereof”. The “obstruction of justice” seems to stem from him suggesting that Comey go easy on Flynn. As the chief executive it is within Trump’s rights to END any further investigation, prosecution or sentencing of anyone working for the government up to and including a presidential pardon.

        I’m not suggesting any of that would be politically savvy, but it is still within his rights as president.

        So, I’ll rephrase. Where are the actual, provable crimes? They have been digging furiously since January and are still empty handed. When does it end?

  • dant2590

    He’s a CROOK. All the commotion he made about Obama’s birth certificate, now he won’t turn over his tax returns cause he’s got a LOT to hide!!!!! A LOT!!!!! I hope they run him out of office so he’s the shortest term “president” ever. Why is he so jealous of Obama?? Doesn’t make sense!

    • MikeFeldman

      Doesn’t make sense because it’s not true.

      • MiaSara

        He mentions Obama every other tweet. The man is jealous and obsessed.

        • MikeFeldman

          You’re post is not true. He mentioned Obama in a tweet when he asked why Obama did nothing about Russian interference. Other than that he tweeted hundreds of times with mentioning Obama. You don’t know the facts and your analysis is simply stupid.

          • Nun Ya

            Who do you think you are kidding Mikey? Trump talks about Obama all the time, mostly to blame him.

            Trump blames Obama for leaks.
            Trump blames Obama for protests.
            Trump blames Obama for townhall constituents wanting to talk to their reps.
            Trump blames Obama for Brexit.
            Trump blames Obama and military for useless and failed Yemen raid Trump himself authorized.
            Trump blames Obama for Guantanamo prisoners released by Bush.
            Trump blames Obama and Clinton for France attack.
            Trump blames Obama and Clinton for coup in Turkey.

            Trump blames Obama for transition troubles because Trump nominated criminals and for the most part doesn’t even have anyone to nominate willing to get on the sinking Trumptanic.

            Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson blames Captain Humayun Khan’s 2004 death on Obama, Hillary Clinton,even though Bush was in office in 2004.
            Trump blames Obama for Syria’s most recent gas attack against civilians by Assad.
            Trump blames Obama for Otto Warmbeir’s death—forgets Americans taken hostage since Trump took office.
            Trump blames Obama for Russian hacking.
            Trump blames Obama for vetting of Flynn.
            Trump blames Obama for the Flynn scandal.

            If you want to talk facts, how do you rationalize the fact the Trump is violating the Emoluments clause and is profiting off of the presidency?

          • MikeFeldman

            Facts and complaints are two different things. The fact is that Obama is the first president in history to be making open speeches and tweets about his predecessor 6 months after leaving office. You Crack me up.

          • Pam Merchant

            He may havetweeted only once that day; but he can’t go long without evoking 43,and 44. He is systematically trying to destroy all and every thing Obama, even when he has no replacement ready; perfect ex:Healthcare
            Before I end, if you disagree with previous posters numbers..why don’t you call out his massive lies and exaggerations? He’s obsessed with the Clintons too.

          • MikeFeldman

            I agree. But it’s not worth the trouble.

          • Scott McCarthy

            You realize that Obama did do something. He seized Russian spy compounds, ejected Russian diplomats and instituted sanctions. ALL of which the Orange Menace sought to rollback.

            Additionally, 1) he didn’t want to antagonize Russia more and have them ACTUALLY fuckup the election and 2) if he had brought all this out just before the elections you all would have cried foul and said he was interfering. Damned if he did. Damned if he didn’t.

            You people need to get a grip. The cognitive dissonance of your alternate reality is about to be broken and you will experience a paradigm shift of epic proportions. Trump&Co. are going down and going down hard.


  • sven_archer

    I see at least two right wing bots below.

    • MikeFeldman

      Is it three now? Disagreeing with nonsense has become “right wing” . Right?

      • Nun Ya

        No, disagreeing on reality has become right wing.

  • Metropolis Fellow

    Trump’s been a low-grade mob guy (orange, too) for a long time. Look over his past and all those NYC ties. He’s a bumbler and Mueller will find plenty to “Lock Him Up.”

    • MikeFeldman

      Dream on. Mueller not only will not find anything to “Lock Him Up” , Mueller does not have the authority to indict POTUS.

      • Metropolis Fellow

        Trump’s sunk and paranoid. Obstruction and money laundering will get him impeached. Mueller is more god than orange potus. MRGA!

      • Nun Ya

        If Trumpsters are so sure there is nothing there, then why are they so scared of the investigations and trying to stop them long before they are even complete?

        “will not find anything” Wow. The reality is Trump has decades of crimes, frauds, scams, money laundering, mob connections (both American and Russian mobs) shady business deals and shady partners, etc. there is no possible way for Trump to keep all his crimes hidden now that the investigations are expanding and digging into Trump’s criminal past and financial dealings.

        It is funny watching Republicans cry about investigations after they wasted years and $20+ million investigating Clinton with zero result.

        Republicans are just getting a dose of their own medicine. And investigations have a starting point and usually take turns as the investigations move forward and more info is found.

        The Nixon investigations started over a burglary and eventually turned into Nixon being investigated for lying.

        The Bill Clinton investigation started over a failed land deal and turned into the Lewinsky BJ investigation.
        The Trump investigations started because Trump and many of his criminal associates have a lot of Russian ties and were picked up talking to Russians and then lying about it.

        Where the multiple Trump investigations end up is anyone’s guess, Trump has been a serial liar and conman his entire life, now it is all coming back to haunt him.

        And no Mueller does not have the authority to indict POTUS, he presents his findings when the investigations are complete…which Trumpsters refuse to wait for and will be a while.

        You will want to conserve your rationalizing Mikey, Trump has years of investigations ahead.

  • Trump is like the dog chasing a car, once he caught this one and doesn’t know what to do with it.

  • dant2590 asks: “Why is he so jealous of Obama?” Trump is overwhelmed by the fact that President Obama is looked upon as “Honest, engaged, forthright, trustworthy, team worker, Team Leader, Intelligent and Caring. Trump has abhorred all such values from the day he was told to stop being an idiot, by his FATHER!