Comey Friend, Wittes, Hints That a Trump Bombshell Is On The Way


We just published a story which hinted at a major incoming bombshell in the Trump/Russia investigation. The argument used was that both Trump and Fox News seem to have changed their narrative from ‘No Russian involvement of collusion” to “collusion is legal and common”.  It’s almost as if they are preparing the public for evidence, which soon will drop, implicating that there really was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Immediately following the publication of that article this morning, another tidbit of information popped up, suggesting that yes a bombshell is on its way. Benjamin Wittes, the man James Comey provided details about his Trump memos to, who then leaked them to the press, has just made two somewhat cryptic tweets alluding to a ticking time bomb.

The first tweet simply read, “tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick.”

This was then followed by a more substantial, yet still cryptic tweet, stating:

“3 things:
1) Not all ticks are related to Comey.
2) Fuse length remains uncertain.
3) Interesting preemptive defense of collusion happening.”

Wittes is clearly alluding to three separate points here. First of all, not all the information he is privy to is related to James Comey’s ties to the Trump investigation. Second, he’s also unsure how long it will be before this next bombshell explodes, but it is ticking. Finally, the bombshell will likely be related to evidence pointing towards Trump’s collusion with Russian officials.

Wittes is a distinguished individual who clearly garnered the trust of James Comey. He’s not someone to make up or embellish rumors or facts, and if he believes something big is coming, I personally view it as fact. Wittes has tweeted the words ‘tick tick tick” before, and each time he has, yet another major leak in this investigation dropped soon after. Combined with the sudden change of narrative by Fox News and Trump himself, I feel it’s safe to say that something big is on the way; something that is not going to go over well for the President. Then again, perhaps I’m wrong.

  • joe2931

    Wittes was not the source of the memos in the NYT piece. It was a Columbia Law School professor.

    • HSans

      Have to get facts straight.

  • Eric Van Maanen

    If you put it into the perspective of: We’re RUSSIA Now – it makes perfect sense.

  • Ablejack Courtney

    I’ve also noticed the shifting of the fox narrative to: “Abetting and comforting an attack by foreign hostile agents against the USA is not really a crime.” Brit Hume trotted out this notion that treason is just fine Sunday, June 25 on Fox News. I immediately drew the same inference that damning evidence would soon be made public. They’re “priming the pump” so that American supporters of crime will take it in stride as they have become accustomed to do.

    • ohmama

      So glad I don’t watch the Trump propaganda cheerleading station called FNC anymore.

    • rangerover411

      No one should be surprised when some Fox people have to do the perp walk, too. No one.

  • viola His tweets should be
    day 1 tick tick tick tick tick tick
    day 2 tick tick tick tick tick
    day 3 tick tick tick tick
    day 4 tick tick tick
    day 5 tick tick
    day 6 tick
    day 7

    • Susan Peter-Thompson

      Kind of like the countdown in the movie “Independence Day.”

  • NaphiSoc

    I dare call it treason

  • ohmama

    Can’t wait for those bombshells to start dropping. Of course, the entire Trump staff members (including Trump himself) have already started lawyering up and their excuses change daily. I wonder if this is part of the reason why Spicy stopped allowing video and audio recordings at daily(?) WH briefings.

  • MikeFeldman

    “Then again perhaps I’m wrong”. The only sentence in the factless gossip piece that has any veracity.

  • General Patton

    Here’s what I know. Obama NOT Trump colluded and obstructed justice with the Russians period!
    TICK TICK TICK ka freakin BOOM!!!!!

    • Martin Forde

      yea, obama colluded with russia to rig the election for trump. totes mcgoats. now if you’ll excuse me, i need to go eat more paint chips.

    • WilpondScum

      except you don’t know that.

    • Art

      Idiot. Obama knew of Putin’s attempts and ordered anti-cyber attacks. Obama didn’t come out to the public with this info, maybe because he didn’t want to disparage people from voting. Trump knew bout Putins actions and always denied them. Also, has business dealing with him and other russians, somehow got out of bankruptcy, etc. etc. etc. You TRUMPtards love to spin shit, like the weasels you are.

      • MikeFeldman

        Obama did nothing: a) because that was always his primary strategy, 2) he thought Hillary was a shoe in, so why cause any attention to the process. If you have to call people who don’t agree with you “weasels’ you’re a spoiled child.

        • Penny Dreadful Says Resist

          When’s your birthday? I want to buy you a mirror.

      • Don Woltz
        • VintageCole

          Gonna keep posting that even though it’s been debunked as FAKE NEWS™ many times on this page alone?

          Ok then….

  • Don Woltz

    This guy is a massive joke.

    • VintageCole

      Says the guy flooding pages with fake youtube videos. lol

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