Trump Accuses Amazon of Not Paying “Internet Taxes”, Which Don’t Even Exist


Donald Trump has never been a fan of, and he has let this be known since his days on the campaign trail. However, today he stooped to a whole new level, accusing the internet retail giant of “not paying internet taxes”. The only problem with that statement, however, is that internet taxes don’t even exist.

Trump’s tweet at 9:06 AM ET read as follows:

“The #AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!”

While the tweet is very difficult to understand, it appears as though President Trump is saying that Amazon should pay “internet taxes”, but what exactly are “internet taxes”? At first glance, one must wonder if Trump is referring to corporate income taxes, which Amazon obviously is paying, given they are a NASDAQ listed company. The second thought would be that Trump is referring to sales taxes. There has been a lot of debate over the past two decades on whether or not internet retailers should be responsible for collecting state sales taxes or not. However, this is now a moot point with Amazon, as they began collecting sales tax from all applicable states as of the end of this past March.

This leads us to question if Trump actually believes that a retailer should be taxed even more heavily merely for being an “internet company”. This obviously would seem to go against the Constitution of the United States, and it would cause huge problems from some of the world’s largest companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon and others.

So what exactly was Trump talking about? Our guess is that he mistakenly believes that Amazon isn’t collecting state sales taxes, but your guess is as good as ours.

  • el dragon

    But if the President says there are internet taxes it must be true.

  • Jami Scott

    Fake News from Trump!! He’s spreading it himself, lol 😂. Hypocritical moron.

  • kidlcoa

    Moot point, right? Not mute point?

    • Jimmy Guitar

      Ah u beet me to it! Spelling Police!

  • Rosie Hearts Conan

    Money money money money money money money money…… oh, were you saying something? What? Fake news? Oh. Money money money money money money money…..

  • christoofar

    What a maroon…

  • carol bunker

    He’s just worried about someone being more financially successful than he is. My grandmother would have called him a ***** (rhymes with bitty) baby.

  • The grammar, punctuation and spelling in this are some of the worst I have ever seen. Assuming this person went to college, I’m sure his or her English professors would be mortified at having given a passing grade.

    • Daithi

      To be pedantic, it’s ‘..grammar, punctuation and spelling in this IS some of the worst…’ (when separate singular words are used, the verb is also singular)

      • Morependanticthanyou

        To be pedantic, learn the rules of grammar before attempting to correct others.

        • Daithi

          The rule is actually very simple – you split the subject to component parts – the spelling IS and the grammar IS and the punctuation IS (not ‘are’)

          • Only when you have a list of options i.e. an “or” list. When using an “and” list, it’s “are”.

      • Cuth

        That is one of the most frustrating rules. I doubt I ever get that right. But, you are right in that if someone is going to call out the English skills of someone else (in which I am always in favor), it’s best not make obvious mistakes yourself in the accusation.

    • Cuth

      “ever”? That’s a bit much. Or you have not seen a lot.

      • Maybe I have not seen a lot, would that make my statement invalid?

  • Cuth

    This isn’t exactly true. It is just that the Internet Tax does not go into effect until you are caught up with paying all of your NATO dues.

  • CyndiLooWho13

    #45 doesn’t pay taxes either – his are actually real taxes, that actually exist.