Evidence Emerges Of Attempted Collusion Between Trump Campaign & Russia


Michael Flynn has been at the center of the whole Trump/Russia narrative for many months now, and it does not appear to be letting up. Today, in an explosive new bombshell report from the Wall Street Journal, we got new evidence from a GOP operative and private-equity executive from Chicago named Peter W. Smith, that Michael Flynn was coordinating with hackers in order to get his hands on the missing Clinton emails. Mr. Smith, who was trying to recover the 33,000 emails that were missing from Hillary Clinton’s server, sat down with reporters back in May for an exclusive interview. Ten days later he passed way.

Mr. Smith said that he had a line of communication with Michael Flynn and his consulting company, Flynn Intel Group. He also told a computer expert out of Atlanta, Eric York, that he had direct contact with both Flynn and Flynn Jr. York says that based on the conversations he had with Mr. Smith, Michael Flynn was coordinating with Smith’s group in a capacity as a Trump campaign adviser.

“He said, ‘I’m talking to Michael Flynn about this — if you find anything, can you let me know?'” York explained.

York was tasked with searching various internet message boards, specifically searching for hackers who claimed to have access to the missing emails.

Additional emails sent from Smith to other computer experts. which he hoped to attract to his group, expressed Smith’s ability to introduce those working with him to Michael Flynn Jr. Other emails sent from Smith in an effort to recruit additional help listed Flynn Intel Group as one of the partners for this initiative.

Smith told the Wall Street Journal that his team did find five different groups, two which were likely from Russia, who had claimed to have the missing emails.

“We knew the people who had these were probably around the Russian government,” Smith stated.

Smith did end up gaining access to what the hackers claimed were Clinton’s emails, but he was not confident enough to release them publicly for fear that if they were fake, the media would attack him and the Republican party, claiming it was a hit-job. He therefore suggested to the hackers that they turn the emails over to Wikileaks.

From this interview with Mr. Smith prior to his death, it becomes evident that both Flynn and Flynn Jr. were heavily involved in communicating and colluding with hackers in an effort to get hold of information which could potentially sway the election in Trump’s favor. Flynn was also taking part in this activity as an active adviser to the campaign.

  • Now what? Will the supporters finally paint Flynn and Flynn jr as the traitors they are? They are not patriots, but traitors who knew a foreign entity was meddling in our election and they chose to support it and actively seek its help.


    Is that a crime? I, a british politician, ask an organisation in the US t help me win in the UK. which law duz it viulate?

    • Rhonda Goldenberg Cohen

      I think hacking is a crime…I know it is in US. Pretty sure it’s illegal in UK too.

    • It violates an election tampering law. If it was aboveboard why didn’t they disclose their involvement?


        prhaps it’s like using a pen made in russia…or a laptop made in japan. It’s hardly tenabl t say that wun culludid with japan… can u cite the law.

        • Who wants to attempt read your sentences? Creative spelling doesn’t fly with me, so you get nada.

          • TEA&BISKITS

            ‘nada’ is not inglis. And my spelling is far superiur. ‘creativ’ not ‘creative’ – the ‘e’ is unnesasry.

  • blasater

    ” Mr. Smith, who was trying to recover the 33,000 emails that were missing”
    So Hillary sets up and then wipes servers clean of highly classified gov data and Flynn is the bad guy for trying to recover them?

    Your priorities are screwed. LOCK HER UP. And all those who covered for her are guilty of Misprision.

  • The very worst part of America’s now boondoggle of an election is that individuals who voted for Trump MUST have known of his approaching collapse due his obsession with his ego and, as he claims, his High Intelligence.

    Mr. President . . . you would better serve your Nation’s Interests IF you somehow manage to put your love affair with your need to constantly lie . . . AFTER THE TIME WASTED DUE your need to stroke your ego. Sorry, but that is how the world is reading you.

    Due your foolish determination as a young man to become “Presidential Prick Number One”, America has lost its standing in the world. It will be bypassed when the real efforts to save our world begins. Remember that your low opinion of yourself is due your own actions. Stop appearing as if you’re about to cry because your fellow Americans have turned on you because OF YOUR LIES.

    Now get on over to TrumpsWebSites.com and click on “The Vote”. Go ahead! Tell the world HOW YOU WILL REACT when news of the possible Hydrate release this fall drives millions to consider suicide due the reality that we KNOW we should have confronted the Climate Crisis 30 years ago!