CNN Just Replied to Trump’s Violent Video Attack In EPIC Fashion


Earlier today, we reported on a tweet that President Trump made in which he showed a video clip of himself violently attacking CNN in a wrestling match. In the video, seen below, Trump is depicted brutally beating the WWE’s Vince McMahon whose head is replaced with the CNN logo. Not only was this a bizarre tweet, but it was quite disturbing in the sense that it blatantly promotes violence toward the media.

It didn’t take long for CNN to respond in EPIC fashion with a tweet of their own, once again showing they can fight back at Trump with his own administration’s hypocrisy rather than with depictions of violence or sexist remarks like Trump has become keen on doing over the past several months. CNN’s tweet read as follows:

CNN has also released a more official statement and it reads as follows:

It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters. Clearly, Sarah Huckabee Sanders lied when she said the President had never done so. Instead of preparing for his overseas trip, his first meeting with Vladimir Putin, ‎dealing with North Korea and working on his health care bill, he is instead involved in juvenile behavior far below the dignity of his office. We will keep doing our jobs. He should start doing his.

It’s quite ironic that the best way to fight back at Trump now-a-days is to use his and his administration’s own words against him. It was just 3 days ago that Sarah Huckabee Sanders vehemently denied that President Trump has ever done anything to promote or encourage violence, yet today he did exactly that.

There is no denying that the video posted by Trump, even if it was intended to be somewhat of a joke, promoted violence toward the media, particularly the media which Trump considers to be “Fake News”. Undoubtedly some Trump supporter somewhere will see this as Trump saying, “it is OK to violently attack CNN employees,” and unfortunately we can only hope and pray that someone doesn’t act on this message.

  • John Hok

    Sorry but typing out your butthurt isn’t an “epic” response. I mean if you’re an intellectually lazy snowflake, I guess it is.

    Meanwhile, an actual “epic response” came from our President of him bodyslamming fake news lol

    • usernamestaken

      Because violence is the answer? SMH. Until you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that CNN is fake news(btw that recent article was factual, the reporters just didn’t follow protocol.) then your comment is questionable. Remember: you are the accuser. Burden of proof is on you.

      • WRONG – the only reason this came to light was that the story was QUICKLY proven to be FAKE NEWS just as all stories the lying lunatic leftist media has been breathlessly reporting are FAKE NEWS.

        Except their biggest scoop – see what I did there – the one about how Trump gets 2 scoops of ice cream and everyone else only gets one!


        Read that until you wake up and see how silly you and your ilk sound to the sane people on the planet.

        • usernamestaken

          I was going to respond but then realized I wasn’t conversing with one of the sane people.
          The story was retracted because protocol wasn’t followed, not because it was considered fake nor proven to be fake yet. In fact, the story is still being investigated.

          • I love how you prove what a LYING HYPOCRITE you are – typical lunatic leftist MOONBAT!

            For you said,

            “I was going to respond but then realized I wasn’t conversing with one of the sane people.”

            Then you RESPONDED!

            As I pointed out, the failure to follow procedure ONLY CAME UP because “higher authority” at CNN were embarrassed by the FACT the story IS FAKE. That is why the failure to follow protocol, the purpose of which is to KEEP FAKE STORIES FROM MAKING IT LIKE THIS ONE DID, TO KEEP THEM FROM EMBARRASSING CNN, was ever a problem. Had the story been real CNN wouldn’t have been embarrassed, higher authority would not have demanded someone be held accountable and there would have been no need to make up the lame story that they were being fired for failure to follow protocol in the hopes it would convince people with low IQs and short attention spans that was all there was to it.

            Well, at least that last bit worked, as proven BY YOU!

            Let me see if I can help you not prove what a liar you are again…

          • usernamestaken

            Whatever you say ‘sane person’.

    • Leon Foonman

      Sorry, but Who Is the Snowflake now? Right-Wing Sissies.

      • MrBeano

        All the other presidents acted like adults and kept presidenting while being questioned and criticized by the press. All except president Manbaby Know-Nothing. He is thin-skinned and an ineffective bully like many of his cult members.

        • John Hok

          No other President has had the biggest witch hunt against him in the history of America. Please tell me again how many reporters were fired in Obama/Bush eras because of blatant fake news being pushed out? Go – I’ll wait.

          • Nicholas Carver

            No president has endured a witch hunt at all, genius. Investigating a guilty man is justice. The treason, obstruction, collusion, etc are all things that are being confirmed right in front of your dim uncomprehending eyes. Real philosopher, this one.

          • John Hok

            Thank you Nicholas for proving me right as you are unable to answer my question, thus confirming that Trump has the biggest political witch hunt in American history after him with continual fake news propaganda coverage.

            Now, go back to your conspiracy theory echo chambers where you believe Putin controls the US and we never landed on the Moon.

          • The only other WITCH HUNT that I know of, which ALSO resulted in some news people getting FIRED (though they let them say they were resigning, I believe) was the RATHERGATE FAKE NEWS MEMO about G.W. Bush.

            Remember that one?

            Deja vu all over again!

          • You make a lot of claims with ZERO evidence to back ANY of them up. Trump is the subject of a PRESENT DAY witch hunt. They did their best to go after G.W. Bush too, and two prominent CBS news people got FIRED over that one. Don’t you remember the FAKE NEWS memo known as RATHERGATE? That was a witch hunt that failed as spectacularly as this one is failing.

          • Hello John . . . there’s your problem! You allow an idiot to destroy everything that America’s soldiers died trying to steal, secure and provide to America’s rich. If you are unable to see what he is doing to your future . . its no wonder that you’re upset at those who have spine and intellect sufficient to confront that stain on Humanity. John, you poor, intellectually disadvantaged twit . . . consider the letter to Jon Ossof . . . and what it means to your NEAR future.
            (If you have the capacity to understand what is meant by “The Release of a gargantuan amount of Hydrates to our Atmosphere this Fall.):

            Regardless, please do review the included memo to Jon Ossof:

            Thank you for the effort Jon!

            Now on to the required efforts to save our world!

            The latest from the trenches: We face a gargantuan release of Hydrates, this Fall, from the shallow Arctic Ocean basin due an unprecedented HEATRISE in the Arctic.

            The release of those Hydrates could well spell “FINIS” for most life on the planet.

            You might be aware of “The Tax Refusal” that was started in the early eighties(?) to force the USE or DISMANTLING of all nuclear and other weapons of mass murder.

            The related / continuing effort to wake Humanity to the threat posed by our non-stop addition of 80+ Million Tons of CRAP, each and everyday to our Atmosphere, may also fail.

            We shall know by early spring next year IF we have a meaningful future on the planet.

            If the release is not as that which is anticipated in some quarters: We then have an opportunity to work on things that truly matter.

            Ergo: Please become personally involved in the effort to communicate the urgency of the situation. And the need for CHANGE.

            To a safer, saner and more caring world. To Duty.

            Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder “The Tax Refusal” (Archived)






          • They resigned, because the story wasn’t vetted properly, not that it was fake.

          • Yeah, that’s the spin, but had it not been OBVIOUS FAKE NEWS that never would have been an issue. You can spin it all you want, but the underlying issue with the story was it was FAKE NEWS. And the people who were forced to resign were probably just the sacrificial lambs who were forced out to take the heat off CNN. The story was FAKE NEWS just as all the nonsense about illicit ties between Russia and Trump are, just as all the nonsense about Russians actually influencing our election – something many prominent Democrats, including but not limited to Obama himself, already admitted DID NOT HAPPEN. And you have to ask yourself why Russia would want Trump in – because he’s going to be harder on them than ANY Democrat would have been.

            I know CNN and other sources make the same claim you did – you’re a good little sock puppet, you know how to regurgitate the lies, propaganda and talking points fed to you daily by the FAKE NEWS media.

            Hey, this morning I woke up and rejoiced since you and your ilk were proven WRONG AGAIN, Trump is actually in office and the world actually did not end. In fact pretty much everything is getting better – though the damage Obama did still looms. The debt burden is a real problem and once that produces it’s inevitable result it will probably be falsely blamed on Trump instead of the real responsible parties – Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

          • You don’t deserve this reply. You lost me at “sock puppet.” You are not interested in debate, just dishing out insults. IMO you are obviously one of Trump’s hypnotized losers. When this is all over, and the Russia connection is fully revealed you comrades should consider really drinking kool-aid, so you can permanently reside in Trumplandia, because America will not be the White, Christian Taliban nation you fantasize about.

          • Before you whine about people who say things that are TRUE “dishing out insults” against people like you who spew the kool-aid they’re full of as they falsely accuse others of it, your “White Christian Taliban” comment only proves your ignorance – and earns you a block since you can’t actually converse at a level above 2nd grade, it seems.

          • Love to be blocked from a professional insulter like you.

          • MrBeano

            What was birtherism?

          • Name one single person who was forced to resign over that story.

            You can’t. None were.

            As for “birtherism”, the one thing that stuck out, to me, was that a publishing house ran a short bio about Obama which clearly stated he was born in Kenya. It’s a fact – even you can look it up, but something tells me you won’t.

            And don’t start on me. I was not the one who EVER said he was born in Kenya – the bio put out by his publisher, most likely with his knowledge and consent, identified him as such.

            It can easily be explained as Obama being just another Democrat lying about himself to gain advantage over others – several well known cases of such behavior exist.

          • I see the likely certifiably insane Daniel Lavigne has seen fit to share his nonsense with you. I decided to block him, though I wish I had waited to see if he is willing to make a wager with me about his claim that there’s going to be a massive release of hydrates this fall which will doom the human race and perhaps all life on Earth. I don’t know how far his nonsense goes and didn’t care to bother to find out. He’s a typical liberal troll – knows just enough to prove how little he knows about pretty much everything.

            Your comment here is ON POINT – the answer, of course, is ZERO. And I see “Campanelle” tries to spin this. While it is true they were fired, supposedly, because the story wasn’t vetted properly, that FACT only came to light when the story was quickly proven to be FAKE NEWS, entirely made up, as was the “Russia dossier” concerning a trip Trump never took and things he never did. CNN would not have forced them to resign had the story not proven to be FAKE NEWS and that is what led them to realize they had not vetted it properly. That was an excuse given, the truth is none of it would have happened JUST AS YOU SAY had the people involved not run with a blatantly false story that was easily proven to be just that.

      • RedRose

        This administration is made up of the softest bunch of crybabies I’ve ever seen in my entire life…it’s embarrassing the the president..of all people ..spends his time in spats and tweeting his little butt hurt feelings. Face it, someone else is president…it’s like on The Wizard of Oz…there’s a little man behind the curtain running things. Trump is just the loudmouth out front. Why else would he have so much spare time? Between tweeting and golf…he puts in a whole work week.

        • Speaking of crybabies, let’s check the video, ONE OF MANY!

          Yup, seems the crybabies are all DEMOCRATS.

          Now I know, I know, you moonbats are not used to someone who self-identifies as a Republican actually responding IN KIND to your nonsense but it is refreshing to actually have someone in office who actually responds to, and decimates, the ridiculous nonsense your side is known to be all about.

          And talk about GOLF? After all the GOLF Obama played, financed by the taxpayers, of course!

          Trump is a showman and he’s showing the world how brainless and gutless YOU DEMOCRATS really are. Yeah, sometimes I wish he’d do it with a little more style, but Trump is Trump and you just got to let him roll. Your side tried to use his own stuff against him during the whole election and it backfired MISERABLY and you keep doing it – you know, continuing to do what has never worked over and over (like socialism) is a sign of complete INSANITY, but we already knew you people were seriously mentally ill. You actually elected Obama! Some of you TWICE! And look at the other complete morons you keep electing. Pelosi. Maxine Waters. Hank Johnson, who said Guam would capsize! I could go on and on! And you people actually were OK, most of you anyway, with your party running ANOTHER CLINTON! The Republicans were wise enough to reject ANOTHER BUSH early on. And you also still voted for the party that blatantly RIGGED their own primary against Bernie “B.S.” Sanders – hey, there’s another example of a whack job Democrat who you keep electing, you ignorant idiots!

          There is no “man behind the curtain” any more. That ended after the last 8 years when Trump took office.

    • Sean Jones

      Imagine if he spent his time BEING PRESIDENT instead of Tweeting like a 14 year old girl in a high school bitch fight.

      • JustMe

        America deserves better,, Low life and no class =Trump

      • John Hok

        Found the triggered snowflake.

        You complain about the time spent, yet it takes him all of 7 seconds to send that tweet. Meanwhile you and the rest of CNN, IR, and fake news spend hours and hours complaining about it. You are so blinded by your own outrage you can’t even identity your own hypocrisy.

        • Sean Jones

          Remember when Obama attacked people daily through his Twitter account? Neither does anyone else. He didn’t have the time because he was working. We get it Trump stands for all the same vile shit you do.

        • Sean Jones

          Found the Russian bot. Its ok snowflake, I get it. You fall to pieces when ever someone hurts his precious feelings. Its sad that you have to defend his childish antics, but you support him because he is what you aspire to be. A clueless moron with power that is a bully.

      • Junior high.

    • JustMe

      What ian mmature little man he is.. An embarrassment to America.

    • JustMe

      YOUR President has no endured anything compared to two term President Obama. The racial slurs against him, his family was gutter talk. Who made up the lie Obama was born in Kenya and a Muslim-Trump.. a petty, immature megalomaniac who is not worthy of the highest office in the land.

    • Glenn F

      Your new boss says, “Thanks for working for free. I have to PAY my people! Today you’re an honorary Russian!” #MAGA

    • Nicholas Carver

      The word is “you’re” not “your.” And his tweet was a statement (albeit a childish one). A statement is not a response, epic or otherwise. Why is it all of Trumps supporters are so stupid they can’t use the English language properly? Don’t answer, John ‘snowflake’ Hok. It’s a rhetorical question.

      • They hate education and educated people. There is a jerk writing phonetically on disqus, who believes his creative spelling is an improvement on standard English.

    • Douglas Schofield

      Love the troll that thinks liberals are intellectually lazy but uses the throwaway term “snowflake” to describe them. You see this video as an “epic response”, do you? Thank you for so clearly identifying the real heart of the National debate.

      It really isn’t about conservative vs. liberal anymore. This is really a war between people who have rational thinking ability vs. those who simply do not. We cannot let the morally, socially and intellectually bankrupt right, of which Mr. Hok appears to be a charter member, dictate the direction of this nation. 2018 is a big year.

    • RedRose

      Intellectually lazy is using the tired term “snowflake” ad nauseum….

      • RedRose

        Plus…you’ve obviously never seen a blizzard?

    • woodstock950

      I love when the Trumpites call us snowflakes. Put enough of us together and you get a blizzard!

    • Hello John . . . just a short note to suggest you secure some guidance in the art of “Thinking”. Take care.

    • Tom Chicago

      On the contrary, pointing out a lie is a quite powerful response, and was done without a violent context.

  • Good_Grief

    Some Trump fans won’t see the wrestling video as advocating violence but their brain will get it on a subliminal level.

    • Rafael

      they have brains?

    • John Hok

      Some NeverTrumpers won’t see the wrestling video as innocent humor but their brain will get triggered on a Trump Derangement Syndrome level.

  • Eric Bentsen

    Get Jeffrey Lord and Kayleigh McEnany off the air since Trump just said he might want to sue Van Jones.

  • John Wayne Peel

    Stupid answer from a lying stupid President! Hell, he TOLD people in HIS Convention to “Beat the shit out of…” a black protester who used no violence, and then said he’d pay his bail (which he DIDN’T!) What else do we need to convince his “FAKE” correspondent Huckabee he is a liar, a cheat and a purveyor of violence towards ANYONE of color who tells the TRUTH about him?

    • Look Forward

      Pseudo Xian Huckabee knows perfectly well she’s lying for a self admitted pervert. They’re on a propaganda mission to prep the base when he falls. I fear this will be an ugly ending.


    Given enough rope,45 will hang himself & we, as the AMERICAN People we are, willing 2 aid him in getting the help he needs because that is what we do, no matter what. We help & give to others. We do not promote violence, hunger, homelessness & lack of medical attention. This man is mentally ill.

  • America’s Fool . . . .

  • Meri Justus

    there will be trumpets, who will take this as trump told them to do it, but they will just attack any reporter, and then the Blood will be on 45’s tiny little hands, and i hope the reporter sues him for inciting violence. and i hope he gets charged with inciting violence.

  • Trump supporters think wrestling is real, so they loved watching Trump take down CNN, and didn’t see how incredibly stupid and dangerous it is to our democracy.

  • Grant Gailey

    Is there anything less credible than the words of the President of the Untied States or his spokespersons? Sadly I think not. If he disapproves of anything he attacks it like a child with no discipline. And still he is protected by Senate leadership and inaction by House Republicans. They too are complicit as our once proud country becomes the source of ridicule and laughter for a planet that is now led by others. America is not the greatest country in the world any longer and given it’s further decline in the hands and policies of Donald Trump it may not even be in the top 20 by the time he is impeached.

  • The course of Trump called “fake-obsession”:
    fake business, fake stats, fake wives, fake boobs, fake friends and partners, fake smiles and fake honors. Fake diplomas and fake books. No wonder he is The Fake President.