U.S. Intel Could Have Bugged Trump and Putin’s Meeting


If you were the NSA, FBI or CIA and you were interested in trying to figure out if collusion took place between President Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin, what better way to do it than to have had eyes or ears in the room when Trump met with Putin yesterday. The conversation, which was scheduled to last 30 minutes, ended up going on for 2 hours and 16 minutes. In fact, Melania Trump was sent to the door at one point in order to try and break up the meeting, after the first hour. She was unsuccessful.

The general public would love to have been a bug on the wall, when Trump and Putin spent over 2 hours discussing, who-knows-what. While this may not have been possible, what is possible is that US Intelligence may have been able to have an electronic bug placed in the room.

There is no proof of this, nor even any signs that point in this direction, but I know that if I were working for any of the US Intelligence agencies, investigating possible Trump/Russia collusion, this meeting would have been at the top of the list of people, places or things that I would want to have bugged.

If this meeting was in the U.S., there is little doubt that the NSA or other intelligence agency could have gotten a warrant from the U.S. courts to bug an individual in the meeting or the meeting room itself, based on ‘probable cause’ which we already know exists. They would had also been able to use highly sophisticated listening and eavesdropping devices to extract any video or audio bytes that they could.

However, this meeting took place in Germany, which happens to be a country quite opposed to both President Trump and Russia. Germany has similar laws to the U.S. when it comes to wiretaps, listening devices and warrants, and if the U.S. asked them to cooperate, there is a good chance they would have done so.

So how could intelligence have listened in on the meeting?

There were 6 people in the meeting — President Trump, President Putin, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and two translators. The odds that Trump, Tillerson, Putin or Lavrov were able to be bugged, are pretty slim, unless Tillerson somehow is now a cooperating witness (highly unlikely). However, the two translators in the room represent an interesting opportunity, so it’s not entirely out of the question that one of these individuals could been cooperating with investigators.

Vladimir Putin is a former KGB spy, so undoubtedly if he had planned to speak about sensitive topics, he would have taken out as many precautions as possible. Trump, on the other hand, doesn’t have the knowledge or know-how that Putin has, and he might be seen as a weak link of sorts. It was mentioned that Melania Trump came to the door at the 1 hour mark to try and break up the meeting. Does this not seem strange to anyone else? Why Melania?

Now this might sound like a conspiracy theory, and in reality it is, but could Melania had been carrying with her a miniature listening device that she planted on the inside of the door after the meeting had already begun? It’s definitely not out of the realm of possibility, but it is doubtful that Melania, as much as it has been rumored that she dislikes the President, would have gone to such lengths to try and infiltrate an international meeting.

Fact is, there are all types of covert listening devices as well as eavesdropping devices which can penetrate walls. If the NSA or another intelligence agency really wanted to listen in on a meeting and they got approval from the court systems to do so, there is no reason why they couldn’t, and plenty of reason why they would.  In reality, it is doubtful that Melania would have been the cooperating asset, but with today’s technology — probably much of which we don’t even know exists — there are surely ways that sound could have been extracted from that German meeting room.

Let’s hope that Putin and Trump divulged some of their inner secrets of collusion (if secrets exist) and let’s pray that it’s all on tape.

  • Ben Totuous

    If this meeting was NOT bugged, our IC is asleep at the wheel. This meeting was an opportunity to throw up roadblocks to hide the collusion these 2 crooks headed.

    • ratbert2

      No matter how many times you tell the lie, only libtards will believe it

      • Lincoln Osiris

        Cute reply.
        Have you always been a traitor or is this a new Schtick for you?
        Flynn-Mannafort-Page all a cosmic coincidence?
        Have you been ignoring testimony before House, senate committees?
        In denial of the Winner NSA leak?
        If you blindly believe a conman since the 1980’s hasn’t been indebted to the Russian mob-Gov since the 1990’s you’ve been asleep or you’re a willing member of a fanatical cult.
        On Russian TV they are proudly proclaiming mother Russia is once again standing tall while America is on its knees – due to DJTs embarrassing ass kissing of Putin on the world stage.
        Please continue to believe only DJT tweets exclusively.
        He needs anti-American orange trumpflakes to blindly follow him more than ever.

      • cyninoregon

        Except 76% of the things Trump told his Trumpers were false and they believed every word–tho most was easily fact-checked online. Dems told only a tiny fraction of the lies and they were much less serious in nature, like an incorrect statistic instead of a massive pants-on-fire whopper like Trump invented. In fact, most of what Trump accused HRC of doing turned out to be done by him, never by her. Projection was the name of the game for him–and clearly for you too! Liberals require honesty from our candidates & leaders, but Repugs love those lies. Repeat them for years, after they are widely disproven.

        • ratbert2

          You don’t require honesty at all or you never would have voted for Obama or Clinton. You judge accuracy by whether it’s something you want to believe or not.

  • Heinz

    “However, this meeting took place in Germany, which happens to be a country quite opposed to both President Trump and Russia.”
    2 objections: 1 – polls show the majority of Germans want peace with Russia.They and all former chancellors disagree with the Ukraine policy of Mrs. Nuland and her handlers. 2 – that Germans are opposed to Trump is a Neocon fantasy who confuse MSM with the people.
    Advice: Get ready for change ;)))

  • cyninoregon

    I’d have placed bugs in the chairs that did not transmit unless someone sat on them. So whoever could sweep room and it would show nothing before they were seated.