Trump Associate Rob Goldstone ‘Terrified’ of Being Assassinated


If you have been following the Trump/Russia story over the past week or so, then you likely have become aware of a flamboyant British publicist named Rob Goldstone. Goldstone, who is now infamous for being the individual who set up the meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, and various individuals connected to the Kremlin, is reportedly ‘terrified’ after learning that the meeting has suddenly become a big deal in the press.

The 56-year old acquaintance of President Donald Trump was on a year-long vacation when he found out that the media was all over the fact that he had set up this meeting. As political pundits now question whether or not this meeting is proof of attempted collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, Goldstone’s name has shot into the public’s view. According to DailyMail, Goldstone suddenly caught a flight from Athens, where he was vacationing, to Los Angeles, where he has immediately met with his attorney.

“He has found himself in the middle of an international scandal and he is terrified. He doesn’t know whether he will carry on with his holidays in a few weeks or if he will have to remain underground. All of his friends are worried,” a close friend of Goldstone told DailyMail.

According to friends, Goldstone is clearly shaken and has real concern that someone may try and ‘assassinate’ him. The didn’t elaborate on who might try killing him because of his role in this meeting, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of ordering the killing of those who may have compromising information on him.

We now know that the meeting Goldstone had set up on June 9, 2016 was between those in the Trump campaign, along with multiple Russians, including a Russian-American lobbyist named Rinat Akhmetshin, and an attorney with ties to the Kremlin, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Goldstone, in an email to Donald Trump Jr. prior to the meeting, stated that the Russian attorney had information damaging to the DNC and Hillary Clinton, and that this information was a part of the Russian government’s efforts to help Trump win the election.

Up until this point, Goldstone had been quiet, with many in the press unable to reach him. However, now that he is in the United States and has been discussing his story with an attorney, we may begin to hear his side of things.

  • Angela Monger

    Or maybe not because Trump may have some associates who might ice him. Trump fancies himself as a sort of Mafia don so this guy may be in trouble from both sides.

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    And what is his cholesterol level?

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    Me thinks his diet will do him in before anyone can ‘off him’.

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    Is he the 400 lb guy in the basement that Trump alleged was hacking?

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    he may be the one to topple Trump so he better watch his back

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