HTC Begins To Charge Customers For Vive Pre-orders As Oculus Customers Fume


a1Well, well, well, it appears as if the very first pre-orders of the HTC Vive are finally beginning to be processed by the company.  Reports late this morning and early this afternoon indicate that numerous individuals, who had pre-ordered the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, have had their credit and debit cards charged.  This is the first sign that the company is preparing to ship orders very shortly.  HTC had officially stated that the Vive would launch on Tuesday, April 5.  Whether they meet or beat their self-imposed timeline, from a shipping standpoint, is yet to be seen, but already Oculus customers, who had expected to receive their orders prior to HTC launching the Vive headset, are showing their disappointment.

Many individuals who had pre-ordered their Rift before the Vive still remain in limbo, unsure of when their Oculus headset will ship, as you can see from this internet survey of those who had orders a Rift.

“Oculus needs to get their sh*t together. My X:05 Oculus order is still in limbo. How f**king embarrassing. So excited that my Vive charge went through. I may get my Vive before my Rift now. Nice,” wrote one VR enthusiast on Reddit, who clearly was disappointed at the way in which Oculus has been handling shipments.

“Honestly I am pretty disappointed with Oculus. I wanted the Rift to be my first experience in VR and it won’t be. I ordered both Rift and Vive 1 minute past the hour orders opened. I have a pending charge from HTC, Oculus has yet to charge me for my Rift.  I didn’t get the March ship date I was promised on my pre-order, and my Vive is going to be getting here first, on time as they promised me,” wrote another Reddit user, expressing further disappointment towards Oculus.

To be fair, HTC did have more time to prepare for the influx of orders, and likely had less volume to deal with.  Also it doesn’t hurt that HTC has been in the tech manufacturing business for years, whereas Oculus and their parent company Facebook are new to the game.  Ultimately any backlogs should be sorted out over the next several days and weeks ahead.  It is understandable, however, that many of these VR enthusiasts lack much patience.  After all the technology behind both the Rift and the Vive is quite impressive, and we all want to be able to experience it ASAP.

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  • polysix

    Don’t assume rift sold more. At least not after all the cancellations. Vive is doing very well now and most polls of BUYERS put it at least twice as far ahead on sales/intended sales.

    Oculus fucked up. from start to finish.

    • Truly Uncouth

      You’re right. Oculus seems to have had production problems and plenty of cancellations. I’d bet my savings HTC has pulled ahead at this point.

      I mean HTC gave away 10,000 headsets since the beginning of the year- Oculus hasn’t shipped that many in the week since they said shipping began.

  • Felix Andersen

    “To be fair, HTC did have more time to prepare for the influx of orders” – in what way? Generally speaking, they came into the game much later than Oculus, only after Oculus broke with Valve after the Facebook buyout. They also only launched their preorders on February 29th, compared to January 6th, so had almost two full months less than Oculus to prepare for this week. Oculus also had experience to ship hundreds of thousands of DK1/DK2 in the past years, so it’s not as if it’s the first time they ship hardware. They should have much more insight into the VR market and their potential customer base, whereas HTC is new to at least the VR game (despite of course having experience with coordinating mass manufacturing and shipping).

    • TheTruth

      lol but wait doesn’t the Vive headset look like oculus’s dk2? and wasn’t Vive supposed to launch december last year? haha maybe take the beer goggles off

      • Truly Uncouth

        Just because HTC didn’t slow down production by putting a useless fabric shell over their plastic doesn’t mean its inferior. And Oculus was originally supposed to ship over a year ago… so not seeing the point on that.

        • TheTruth

          No oculus has clearly put time into getting comfort right, they’ve also put plenty more thought into the controller. Vive had their headset ready literally ready for December it wasn’t a random date aimed at like oculus, they had it ready for production. Maybe having respect for both companies strengths would be the intelligent flag to raise, wouldn’t you agree?

          • DougP

            Re: “put plenty more thought into the controller.”
            Yeah… thanks for the xbox controller, that most all of us who would *want* to even use it already have….10yo+ controller design = woohoo, welcome to the future of VR!

          • TheTruth

            not Microsofts xbox controller, you numpty lol

          • DougP

            Re: “not Microsofts xbox controller”
            oh…ok….so no the controller they *didn’t* put thought into? the other one, that’s coming later … at an unknown price?
            I see.

            NOT including motion controllers with every system was a big mistake.
            Backdoor deal w/Microsoft, after (because of?) Facebook buyout, leading to an xbox controller becoming the de facto standard for Rift VR control is very disappointing.

          • TheTruth

            yawn. casuals aren’t ready to commit to using wands as controllers, they have to be hungry for it. Nintendo did an excellent job integrating their wands with their OS but even that slowly faded away, vive needs to strap headset on, turn on both lighthouses, balance a headset on your head for sound and then find the wands (hopefully charged enough) too much for beginners of VR (use your brain) Oculus has done everyone a favour by delaying motion controls to master them, simplify the positional tracker by it being controlled by the PC and simplified the design of the actual HMD AND the sound, and comfort of the sound, and 3D audio.
            please keep talking rubbish, its entertaining.

          • DougP

            Re: rubbish
            Yeah…rubbish is right – complete rubbish saying – “did us a favour by making us wait!” (& own 2x diff controllers) lol

            Seriously, you could’a just admitted you work for Facebook’s PR department & are paid to spew this BS. Doing damage control for all the cancelled Rift orders after the Vive went on sale?

            It is humorous you mention “find the wands” when you of course can *see* them in VR, unlike the xbox controller.
            Of course, that leads to another thing- the built-in camera.
            Maybe that’s why you Facebook employees & the die-hard fanbois don’t want to talk about room-scale. Knowing you’d fall flat on your arse trying to stand/walk/turn.
            Heck, even for seated the Vive’s better with that camera – you can take a drink, find your wheel/hotas controller/orient yourself.

            Any’who – go report in to Zuck that you did your job with BS posting today.

          • Truly Uncouth

            You’re clearly behind on how vive works. The lighthouses only needed to be turned off if you cared about wasting 4 watts of power and now go into sleep mode using bluetooth with no user interaction. You pull a headset on just rift put on headphones, and the controllers show up perfectly mapped in your headset view… so you’re done.

            Tracking is easier on the vive, not sure why you think otherwise. All you need is a power outlet, not 4 USB ports to handle tracking. Also, any headphones can do 3d audio… you really need to read up on this stuff.

          • Truly Uncouth

            >they’ve also put plenty more thought into the controller.

            Yep, that xbox controller is just so well thought out!

            HTC had enough headsets ready to do token shipping like oculus has done now, but seemingly decided to go for another revision and a larger launch. It appears oculus headset is lighter but full ergonomic reviews aren’t out yet because the strap changed for vive consumer release. However, even with the old strap people have put hours at a stretch into vive with no issues, so not sure oculus has a clear win in this field either.

          • TheTruth

            why do you reply to an old msg when I’ve already corrected the other guy by telling them I wasn’t talking about the xbox controller. I was talking about touch, where is vives finger tracking? comfortable ergonomics? where are its analogue sticks? why is it so long?. this is what I was talking about.

            at the end of the day the vive cv1 headset will never be as comfortable as the rift cv1, so please dont bring that tripe in this discussion as if theres any other possibility, just cos you know by the time everyone has their hmd’s we’d have forgotten about this. no just take that away from our discussion you know its horse shit lol

            have fun walking to one side of the room, switching a light house on, then walking to the other side of the room, switching the other light house, walk to your hmd, fit it on, fit the earphones on, pick up the controllers then find out you dont have the time right now then put down the controllers, take off the headphones, take off the headset, walk to one side of the room, turn off the light house, walk to the other side of the room, turn off the other lighthouse, then walk to your computer to turn it off. EVERY TIME

          • Truly Uncouth

            “Finger tracking” that is just an on-off switch and hasn’t been shown in a single experience that benefitted from it? “Ergonomics” that require doing away with good parity to swords/tools in games? “Analog sticks” that are much worse than the steam controller pads on the vive(huge loss for rift in this category). Its length doesn’t matter, you don’t see it in game…

            Hand waving the new strap away doesn’t make it disappear, we have no final review on ergonomics between these headsets, period.

            I already explained how you’re wrong about the lighthouses, they require zero interaction. Only a fanboy would continue to spew bullshit like this. There is only a single extra step for vive and even then only if you choose to use oculus open-backed headphones they include. Hell, vive has the camera and tracked controllers to make the controller pickup MUCH easier than oculus.

            I understand its hard to simply admit you’re wrong, but its the sign of a big person… you should give it a try.

          • TheTruth

            rubbish upon rubbish. just tell me will you be leaving the lighthouses switch on constantly 247?

          • Truly Uncouth

            Educate yourself, child. They speak to the link box and turn off automatically when the headset is not in use. At least get some believable bullshit to spew.

          • TheTruth

            really? ok then im gonna switch my Rift order for a Vive

          • Truly Uncouth

            I hope you’re being honest because I’d hate to see anyone waste their money. Either way, I ‘m just glad you seemingly learned to read finally.

          • TheTruth

            wow you guys seem to be angry at something eventhough you claim to have the superior product? why is that? thats so interesting?

            hope you enjoy your dk2! it gets quite interesting once people start making unity demos for it (n_n)

          • Truly Uncouth

            Angry? I’m proud of you for actually learning something here. It took a few tries, but I’m glad you finally got it down… Now for the quiz:

            Are Lighthouses able to turn themselves off when the HMD is not in use?

          • TheTruth

            hey since you have the superior hardware and im the new customer, you should answer my questions

            can I track my hands with the vive controllers so it feels like my hands are in the game?

            does the vive have integrated headphones so I dont need to always fumble about everytime I put on the headset?

            will the vive headset feel nice and lightly distributed so it feels like a baseball cap?

            will I have any games to play? oculus has a nice collection of games they worked on with loads of developers. I hope the valve make a deal with them, as I already have a job, so job simulator will eventually get a bit boring.

            will the lighthouses contribute towards full body tracking? I know lasers aren’t as good as optical for things like that but come on! its the fucking vive!

            will they eventually get ATW working with the Vive? it will allow three times as many people to use the vive with their computers as oculus seem to have made it super smooth even below system requirements :O

            well this is the Vive we’re talking about so im pretty sure all these questions will be answered easily and will all be positives answers, since you know, its superior to the Rift

          • Truly Uncouth


            Yes, just put in the included earbuds before the HMD and no “fumbling”. Alternatively, if you want to use your own headphones you can do what I’ve been doing with gearvr for the last year and simply put the headphones around your neck, put on the HMD, then pull the headphones up… its super easy, unless you’re physically/mentally handicapped.

            N/A No reviews yet and your question is subjective to the point of being unanswerable objectively, this is a matter per person. I’d suggest trying both HMDs before purchasing if your neck is so weak as to be worried. The dev version of the vive has been used for many hours straight by many people with no complaints, so assuming you’re not an ostrich, you should be ok.

            Vive has over 50 games at launch, and there are already multiple teams working on a translation layer so Oculus “exclusives” will be playable as well as the many vive exclusives oculus won’t have access to until an unspecified later date. If content is your main worry, then the vive would be your best choice.

            You’re confused on body tracking, the lighthouse system will be as good as the oculus camera system or better. If you need this broken down more, simply ask in your next verbal diarrhea.

            The vive uses a stencil to cut out the extra rendering oculus does to enable their ATW. It leads to a ~20% reduction in rendering cost so ATW is not as necessary. They have implemented timewarp so developers that can’t figure out how to optimize can have the occasional crutch. They have also released their own rendering plugins for on-the-fly performance adjustment to address this same market. They(and oculus) feel that ATW is not something to be used often… but valve is doing something about the problem itself rather than leaving it to developers(reminds me of chaperone in that way)

            As for using inferior hardware, only valve has said they intend to support the GTX680 era generation. If you haven’t yet, try out their performance test, and look into their performance plugins they wrote for source and Unity.

            God, you really got your ass beat here. Let me know if there are any words you have trouble with, I know reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit.

          • TheTruth

            when I reply I say the same thing (god you really got your ass beat here)

            dont avoid my question about full body tracking, lighthouse has no future with mass market non fumbling full body tracking so its understandable you avoided that question to focus on your other rubbish. wow you really got your ass beat there

            you have to put earphones in for effective 3d audio? but that’s a real lack of hygiene right there, and so uncomfortable for long periods of time. wow… you really got your ass beat here

            Plenty of reviews of people using the vive consumer and the rift consumer and its a resounding RIFT is the most comfortable HMD on the market, stop trying to lie in order to make it sound better on your end. WOW you really did get your ass beat there

            I would LOVE to see the comparisons of games running on the rift and vive with lower gpu, oculus home is built around standardizing the performances and making it very clear how important optimization is for the developers and the community. no random updates to make it better for the user just complete baby smooth gameplay. wow you’re really getting your ass pounded today

            while HTC phone company and Valve gaming company focus on their other projects Oculus built from the ground up for VR will make sure that its the best platform for VR, Valve even goes to the extent of supporting the rift because they know the quality they work at. all vave cares about is that people buys games from their store. they are never going to be as commited to VR as Oculus is and has been (over 3 years of simplifying VR for developers and actually putting all their effort in making VR happen in the first place)

            I hope you put Lube in before I replied here because I wouldn’t want your ass to be completely broken. I can only see red from here so you’re gonna have to get back to me on that one because WOW holy shit, you really got your ass beat here

          • Truly Uncouth

            Lighthouse will be just as effective, if not better than constellation for body tracking. Both will require IMUs and a means of communicating with the computer or headset. Considering the lower computational cost of lighthouse this will be as good or better than any competing Oculus version. Ass… beaten

            Have to put headphones in? Learn to read, that is optional

            Not a single review of consumer vive yet, please learn about things before claiming them

            I’m not aware of any cross-platform benchmarks yet but you can look up vlachos’ steam talk pdfs if you actually care to learn about the reduced rendering cost. And oculus talking points don’t matter, they even have games on their store that perform poorly… tennis anyone?

            Valve supports everyone because they don’t need store exclusives to sell their headset. Please find anything to support your claims other than weird random conjecture of your own. And yes, they’ve simplified VR to the point of making it a glorified 3d monitor for shitty 3rd person games… snoozefest

            I love that I replied with hard facts and shut down every single talking point that you thought was a positive for the rift… and this blob of conjecture and bullshit is your response. Try to cover it with bluster all you want, we both know you just got schooled… again.

      • DougP

        Re: “lol but wait doesn’t the Vive headset look like oculus’s dk2”
        lol…Facebook-fanboi much?

        Because Facebook’s headset looks like Valve’s room-tracking from early 2012?

        Re: “Vive supposed to launch december last year”
        Unlike Facebook’s headset….the Vive delayed and actually ADDED capabilities – built-in camera for “chaperone” system.
        Facebook – wee….we got an extra xbox controller. Thanks Zuck!

  • Ben

    Cancelled my oculus preorder, although I did have May shipping. Only want one VR headset, and vive has won me over, with it’s room scale. I know oculus will eventually, but that will be later in the year and you will have to buy the motion controllers separately anyway.

    • DougP

      You also won’t see devs being hobbled/fragmented by design decisions based on targeting “lowest common denominator” = front-facing/180 degrees or so, no motion controllers, seated….and with an xbox controller in hand.

      I think Oculus really blew it.
      After Valve taught them that they needed external devices for accurate tracking, they should’ve stuck w/Valve. I think the Facebook buyout & subsequent Microsoft-backdoor-dealing lead to the xbox controller bundling. Not good for the consumers but good for business deals.

  • xxHanoverxx

    There are about 70,000 users subscribed to the Oculus sub. Oculus sold over 175,000 Rifts. Not everyone who ordered one uses Reddit. So how can you possibly know exactly how many people didn’t receive their shipments this week? Reddit is not the world.

  • Anon the mouse

    Oculus seem to have deprecated functions in their API for no other reason than to break older hardware and force upgrades to newer models. It’s already been shown that even the DK1 works with the new 1.3 API…. however Oculus seem to remain committed to breaking as much older software as possible.

    So if you have the CV1 then no Alien Isolation, Among the sleep or anything on the steam store. Oh I did mention that oculus makes sure thye get updated software first, didn’t I?