Woman Named Sarah O’Connor Inadvertently Tweets About Killer Robot, Having Never Seen ‘Terminator’

Sarah O'Connor

Sarah O’Connor

There are few people I know in this world, over the age of 18, who have not at one point in their lives seen the movie Terminator, or at least have an idea of what the movie is about. And if your name is Sarah Connor, or anything close to it, for instance Sarah O’Connor, one would think that you would have at least brushed up on your Terminator lingo at one point in your life.

This was’t the case for one Financial Times correspondent named Sarah O’Connor, who inadvertently tweeted about a news story which sounded as if it could have been directly from any number of Terminator films.

“A robot has killed a worker in a VW plant in Germany,” her tweet read, linking to this Financial Times article.

Shortly thereafter, she found her Twitter stream filled with replies from strangers referencing the early 90’s hit movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger. What began as a few Twitter users sharing her post with some rather comical Terminator references, turned into an all-out viral storm. Her initial tweet alone was reshared over 13,500 times and the young woman suddenly received hundreds of new Twitter followers.

“Sigh. I’ve never even watched the films. Now my feed is full of people tweeting me about skynet,” O’Connor tweeted. “Guys. I don’t know what skynet is. And I wouldn’t follow me – I tweet really boring stuff about unit wage costs and the like.”

While those on Twitter certainly had some fun at O’Connors expense, O’Connor, who herself certainly must have had a chuckle or two about the incident, was quick to point out that someone actually died in this incident that she initially reported on.s3

In fact, a 21 year old external contractor was pressed against a metal plate by a robot at the Volkswagen plant outside of Kassel, Germany. After being rushed to a hospital, the employee eventually passed away from the injuries that the robot had caused.  While not quite as dramatic as a T-70 or T-1000 robot chasing you down, it certainly was a tragedy which likely could have been avoided.

Like O’Connor said, this certainly is no laughing manner, but at least a robot army is not about to try extinguishing man kind, right?