OMG! Special Limited Edition Lucky Charms Boxes Feature Only Marshmallows


Are you feeling lucky?

You could win one of only ten boxes of all-marshmallow Lucky Charms being given away by cereal maker General Mills. But hurry! The sweepstakes ends October 18.

Just go to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and post a selfie holding an imaginary box of Lucky Charms with the hashtag #Lucky10Sweepstakes. Three entries per person is the maximum (one per entry method). Potential winners will be notified on or around Oct. 20, 2015. You can find complete rules and regulations at the Lucky Charms Facebook page.

The company says they’re making this very-limited-edition available in response to “countless calls, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts” from pleading Lucky Charms aficionados who are convinced that the magically-delicious marshmallows are the best part of the iconic cereal.

Lucky 02

And they’re doing it exclusively in social media because that’s where fans continuously express their love – especially for the marshmallows.

Lucky 01“We wanted to tap into where that love is, and it’s across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lucky Charms is one of the most Instagrammed cereals and these platforms are the right place to ignite and connect to the passion we hear about,” says Amanda Hill, associate marketing manager for Lucky Charms.

The company views their “Marshmallow Only” sweepstakes as a way for the brand to show some love in return.

“We wanted to have a little fun and connect with our fans. It needed to be easy and accessible for everyone to have a chance to win and celebrate what makes us, us – the marshmallows,” Hill says.

So get moving! You’ve waited all your life for this – at least since those days so long ago when you sat in front of the TV Saturday morning watching cartoons.

(NOTE: If you still do that, cool. We’re not here to judge.)

The lucky winners will be in good company, as Lucky Charms has already given custom boxes to celebrities Kylie Jenner, Blake Shelton, Jessie Pitts and Khloe Kardashian (who says she keeps a stash in her pantry.

Lucky 03

If all this sounds like too much trouble, you could just buy a few dozen regular boxes and sort out the marshmallows to make your own special treat. And, if you’re too busy even for that, there’s a knockoff all-marshmallow version available on for just eleven bucks.