Danish Man Arrested With Freezer Filled With 21 Vaginas


In a story which sounds like pure fiction, a Danish man was arrested this week in South Africa on multiple charges stemming from the discovery of 21 vaginas frozen and stored in his freezer.

v1Authorities were tipped off when 58-year-old Peter Frederiksen’s wife, who is from the African kingdom of Lesotho, had contacted them alleging that Frederiksen had drugged her and then surgically removed her genitals before stashing them in his freezer.

When authorities outside of Johannesburg, South Africa decided to raid the home of Frederiksen, they were stunned by the grizzly discovery. In his freezer was his wife’s genitals along with 20 other vaginas from women unknown at this time. Each body part was individually wrapped in plastic freezer bags and meticulously labeled.

“We have found 21 genitals from 21 women,” said police spokesman, Hangwani Mulaudzi. “The man’s wife is one of the women. We are now investigating who the other 20 are.”

During the raid, forensic experts recovered a number of possibly incriminating articles, including stacks of photographs, anesthetic and surgical equipment, in addition to the body parts.

Frederiksen, who owns a gun shop in Bloemfontein, South Africa, had told a radio station in the past that he was taught by an infamous Danish surgeon, Jorn Ege, aka Dr. Penis, how to perform genital mutilation surgery, and that he had performed the surgery on his wife.

Authorities now have the task of determining whether the other 20 genitals are from women who were alive at the time of the surgery, or if they were from the corpses of women who had died.

Another police spokesman, Masilela Langa, told reporters that Frederiksen fled Denmark in 2006 for South Africa to avoid a trial for illegally possessing weapons nine years ago. Langa v3worried that there may have been even more victims as there are stacks of photographs that were found in Frederiksen’s possession at the home.

“It is now important that we get [information] from the man’s victims,” Langa told Netwerk24. “At this stage we do not know how many women there are, as there are many, many photos. We are engaged in research and to question the man. It is as if he knew his victims and knew where to look for them.”

Regardless of whether his victims were alive or dead at the time of these procedures, Frederiksen clearly is not a stable individual, and it’s a blessing that his wife has come forward with information that has led to his arrest.