Gruesome Arm Injury Suffered By Arkansas Wide Receiver Jared Cornelius During Saturday’s Game


It’s really incredible how much time athletes, both on the college and professional levels, put into their preparation and training. This is particularly true within the sport of college football, where competition is fierce and the possible reward of making it to the next level, NFL stardom, constantly motivates players across the country.

The drive to succeed has led many players to obtain near-superhuman strength, speed and agility, but all that can quickly fall by the wayside with a single unexpected injury on or off the playing field.

There have been a few cringe-worthy injuries over the last few years in both the college football and basketball spectrums. Garnering most of the headlines was a gruesome injury suffered by Louisville’s Kevin Ware in the 2013 NCAA tournament against Duke. Ware suffered a compound fracture to his leg in which the bone protruded several inches outside his skin.

Although not nearly as gruesome, another injury suffered last night, this time by Arkansas Razorback wide receiver, Jared Cornelius, shows us just how mortal these seemingly immortal athletes can be.j1

Arkansas was hosting Texas Tech yesterday, trailing through much of the game, when a pass to Sophomore wide receiver Jared Cornelius was caught and run for multiple yards before he was tackled along the sideline. Upon the tackle, Cornelius’ left arm was trapped under his body as he landed awkwardly. Cornelius immediately jump up, almost as if it was just any old play, but then swiftly ran off to the sidelines. As you can see from the video, he had actually suffered a major break of the arm, and one can clearly realize that a fracture is present almost immediately after he gets back onto his feet.

The 5’11”, 202 pound receiver had started the season in spectacular fashion with 150 yards on 7 carries, and looked to be one of the Razorbacks’ standout players.

“God has a plan! I’ll be back better than ever in no time,” Cornelius tweeted late last night.

While he will miss multiple games, and quite possibly the remainder of the season, this young man certainly seems to have both the physical and mental tools to make a full comeback next season as a Junior. The full video of the incident can be viewed below. Warning, it’s certainly not pretty.