Robert Mueller Just Hired Trump’s Worst Nightmare


It has already become apparent that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not fooling around when it comes to his job of investigating the Trump Campaign. He has already hired over a dozen of the best investigators and attorneys in the nation, which seems to have sparked even further outrage from the President.

As you likely are aware, prosecuting large conspiracies like the one that may have taken place within the Trump campaign, while possibly colluding with Russia, usually requires multiple witnesses flipping on each other. If no one talks, it becomes increasingly difficult to prove a conspiracy charge. Mueller, the former director of the FBI, clearly understands this, and thus has just hired a man named Andrew Weissmann.

Weissman, known for his time as head of the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal fraud section, has made a career out of getting witnesses to flip on one another. Weissman was instrumental in the investigation of Enron, which concluded with numerous executives being sent to prison for extended periods of time. He has also made a name for himself in Brooklyn, New York, where he successfully investigated multiple organized crimes.  All of these cases relied heavily on Weissman’s witness-flipping experience and abilities.

As multiple individuals tied to the President begin hiring their own lawyers, now is likely the time that we could see friends, colleagues and even family members begin to turn on the President in an effort to strike a deal before they themselves are prosecuted for possible crimes. Michael Flynn has already reportedly offered to testify in exchange for immunity and it’s very likely that others will follow. Dealing with multiple witnesses, convincing them to provide ammunition in exchange for reduced sentences or immunity is something Weissman seems to accomplish with ease. If the President is guilty of any number of crimes, this man may just be his worst nightmare come true.

This hiring by Mueller could spark a race to talk, where multiple witnesses and those who may be under investigation themselves, all rush to be the first to strike a deal.  In many cases similar to this one, the first ones to talk are the only ones who walk.

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  • Sarah Smith

    Please keep this kind of ‘cheerleading’ media from the sidelines under a hat, lest President Trump feel so backed into a corner that he fire Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

    • asconn

      If he tries to fire Mueller, he’ll have to explain why which will prove impossible. Obstruction of Justice is a very serious crime.

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  • MikeFeldman

    I read the article. It sure takes a lot of words to say absolutely nothing. Mueller and his new attack dog Weissman are doggedly pursuing a crime to investigate since they don’t have one. Everyone knows Flynn has legal problems. Everything else is bull.

    • Donna Talbot

      Money laundering will be his downfall and they’re looking into that too.

    • asconn

      Mr. Feldman, it’s sad that you may be wrong since after all we’re talking about the US President, Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the “Free World”. Trump’s behavior does not represent the behavior of an innocent man. The “Tapes Lies” are but one, stupid teenager example and while bad, pale by comparison to the obstruction of justice, collusion with Russia, vote tampering, and money laundering charges. Flynn and other members or ex-members of the administration may go to prison over an attempt to assist Trump hijack the Office of the President of the United States. They will get what they deserve.

    • Nun Ya

      And at first, the Trumpsters desperately tried saying the Flynn news was all fake…but it wasn’t.

      Do you really think Mueller is going to release everything to the public before the investigations are even complete?

      So what is your limit for defending a serial liar like Trump?

  • Karen Howard

    I loved that last sentence: “…the first ones to talk are the only ones who walk.”

  • Tom Mueller

    Your a punk and there is no honor in you.

  • asconn

    Trump’s deal from Mueller should be limited to “resign and serve the sentence that you will receive; no immunity, period; no pardon from any source (including the Pope); and, sign off on the sale of all of your assets to a charity for $1 dollar selected by a panel of a Rabbi, a Priest, a Protestant and an Imam from the largest synagogue, churches and Mosque in NYC”. That ought to do it.

  • Colon

    For this writer that is so interested in getting POTUS Trump being exposed and hung for the Russians deal on the elections; I wholeheartedly recommend Mueller and Weismann to look under the hood of Killary Clinclon. I am sure they will find a lot more going on with these dealings than that of POTUS Trump, which will give you zilch, nothing, nada. As I am concern, Mueller, Weismann and this story reporter are all colluding against POTUS Trump and try to destroy our Nations Mandate. They are non other than the most recent puppets for the Demorats. Why don’t they stop wasting taxpayers’ money?