Trump Is Using FBI Investigation to Raise Money on Facebook


While many on the left are hoping to see President Trump kicked out of office prior to the 2020 election, Donald Trump himself apparently has other ideas. In fact, Trump is still fundraising, and he is actually using the Russia investigation to try and entice his supporters to give him more money.

In a paid “Sponsored” post that Trump has published on Facebook, he is asking for help from his supporters in order to fight a so-called “Witch Hunt”. The ad specifically reads:

“You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history – led by some very bad and conflicted people! Please contribute NOW to help us keep fighting! The Witch Hunt Must Stop NOW!”

This message is similar to a tweet President Trump made last Thursday. The fact that he is paying Facebook in order to try and convince his supporters to send him money for his campaign, in order to fight a “witch hunt” is quite pathetic. When you consider all of the money Trump is making by charging people to meet him at Mar-a-Lago, this is even more disturbing.

While it’s impossible to tell how effective this paid advertisement by the President is, undoubtedly it is working since the ad has remained up for at least a few days now. ┬áThis action by the President shows that he is still a businessman at heart and he obviously cares more about funding his own campaign rather than doing what is best for America.

  • Sean Jones

    You know who complains the loudest about a witch hunt? The witch.


    Give me a break~this is real?
    Too funny….

  • Philip Turnbull

    he is guilty as charged.what are his followers going to cry about when he is in jail.he is only using his position to increase his personal wealth and cares nothing abot the common citizen. unless you are rich he cares nothing and his plans will destroy the US. the usa is no longer considered the leader of the free world as most leaders despise Trump as he is a bully and useless. he does not have a diplomatic bone in his body and will isolate the USA from all countries except the Saudi’s who can pad his pocket…

    • MikeFeldman

      the US stopped being the leader of the free world during Obama’s tenure. Allies felt abandoned and lost faith. Your post is nonsense and it demonstrates a complete lack of any grasp on reality.

  • Daithi

    Maybe he should use the money the Treasury paid him for ‘hosting’ all those people at Mar a Lago (along with billing the Secret Service for room and board while he wandered round the place)

  • Kriquette

    Is the president allowed to beg money from the citizens to pay his legal fees?

  • GreenInvy

    Thought he was so rich.Why he begging for money to cover his ass?