Death Threats to Press Already Starting After Trump’s Violent Tweet


It was just yesterday that we reported on a video that President Trump tweeted in which he was insinuating violence against the media. The video, which showed Trump violently body slamming and punching a man with a CNN logo over his face, was blasted across social media by none other than the President of the United States himself. In our report, we noted that there would probably be some Trump supporters who decide to go out and take violent action against the media as a result of Trump’s tweet.

Today, we received a death threat from one of our readers. It read: “we should just kill you… stupid presstitutes… F**k you!!”

The email was sent to anonymously, using an Austrian service called “Mixmaster” which sends messages in fixed-size packets and then reorders them. As far as we know, this email is completely untraceable. We have, however, included a copy of the original email below. As you can see, the email was sent from

Email threats online are not uncommon, but the fact that this was sent to us less than 24 hours after we published an article about President Trump inciting violence against the media, only furthers our point that Trump’s actions on Twitter should not be taken lightly. He needs to take responsibility for his words, as his words are more likely to incite action than anyone else’s.

  • Alex Menta

    Lmao your producers probably wrote that so you have this story. You need to be relevant for people to want to hurt you. The 5 people that read this webpage are not going to do anything. Also it was a fake wresting video, don’t flatter yourself.

    • Whompa

      Found the guy who sent the email.

    • Bill Preston

      Relevant? You mean the record ratings quarter ever in the history of CNN? Is that what you mean? There are more people watching CNN than ever in the history of the first cable news network because of the shame the President is bringing upon the citizens of this country.

    • truth_bomb

      “You need to be relevant”. They’re obviously relevant enough for someone like you to comment.

    • flickerKuu

      But yet you are here.

    • Worth it to be careful given how easy it is for an otherwise law-abiding citizen to legally obtain a firearm, and how most journalists probably don’t have a retinue of Secret Service let alone cops keeping watch over them 24/7.

    • Tiffany Borrine

      A bit of irony for you…

      • Tiffany Borrine

        YOU read it

  • derram

    I wish I could worry about words on the internet.

    See, I can’t wear a red hat because I will be assaulted on the street. I can’t have a Trump bumpersticker because my car will be set on fire.

    You have words to deal with.

    Why aren’t you responsible for the people who read your words and then go on to violently assault peaceful gatherings?

    • TOG

      You support a man who condones violence and yet you bitch because violence finds it way to you?

      • Tommy Beard

        Methinks he is irony deficient. 😉

      • flickerKuu

        no one said his supporters were smart.

    • truth_bomb

      Those are machinations of your mind. The threats these journalists received actually happened. In other words, theirs are real and yours are fake. In other words still, everything you said is entirely backwards.

    • Trawg

      Oh, piss right off with that faux victimhood. About as accurate as the war on Christmas. Quit making shit up to be scared of.

      I see morons running around bragging about their stupidity with Trump stickers all the time.

    • zeth006

      Trump supporters, the biggest sensitive snowflakes. So sensitive they create their own victim complex.

    • Tommy Beard

      I saw a MAGA shirt earlier today. They had no clue why I was laughing at them. Much more satisfying than violence. 😉

    • flickerKuu

      Maybe you shouldn’t self-identify with racists and rapists trying to kill us then. Words and actions have meaning. Donnie is spreading violence, get ready for it. You made your bed, i hope you guys are ready for it and not the pushover bullies I think you are. liberals are arming up. We aren’t afraid of cro magnons. We’re smarter. try something and we will finish it.

    • James Joyce

      It blows my mind how long you’ve lasted in this life while being SUCH a weak person. Get some testicular fortitude and stop CRYING about everything! I know you thought daddy Trump was gonna protect from those monsters under your bed but you’re gonna need to be a big boy some day. Oh, and you are so weak that almost all of your comments are anti-women. Why? Do they not want to touch you?

    • DianeEKramer

      Wahhhh! poor snowflake.

    • I applied my anti-Trump bumper sticker to magnetic vinyl sheeting, so I can remove and stow away my bumper sticker when I leave my car. Works for me.

    • angrymike

      I wear my MAGA hat, these ppl don’t scare me, but of course I’m armed at all times, this butthurt will subside, no worries ! :√)

      • CharlieAdamsInKY

        Funny; I’m armed at all times, too – and I’d give great odds that I’m better than you or pretty much any other loudmouth Trump-sucker.

    • Alex Hill

      Am I reading you correctly? Are you saying that if writes something disparaging against someone and then the reader gets pissed off and goes and hurts somebody, that is responsible?

    • Why don’t “YOU” do the RESPONSIBILITY thing . . . . AND store your personal vehicles?

    • CharlieAdamsInKY

      You’re a goddamned LIAR, just like your fucking traitor-in-chief.

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  • MCLepus

    I have used anonymous remailer services, and emails are untraceable.

  • Lolcocks Lolcocks

    It’s almost as if the media and press never call for assassination of the Trump.

    • CharlieAdamsInKY

      They don’t, you motherfucking liar.

  • Anna Haney

    Perhaps Journalists may have to consider arming themselves against people who would harm them. They get to carry why not you? If the fking Reps can have guns, then why not journalists who do risk their lives just to try to get a bit of truth out of a bunch of lying fucks.

  • Alex Hill

    Actually, I had a bunch of “F*%k Trump” bumper stickers made early on in the election. I put one on the front and rear bumper. When I’m getting out of my truck and I hear somebody start up, I just laugh. Because honestly, if someone starts going nuts over a bumper sticker, it’s pretty f*^king funny.

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