BREAKING – Putin Speaks – Proves That Trump’s a Traitor – Here’s Why


World leaders are all in the process of holding press conferences at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany this weekend. One notable leader who has seemingly decided he doesn’t have to make himself available to the press, however,  is President Trump.

Vladimir Putin, only moments ago, took full advantage of this fact by providing comments on the 2 hour and 16 minute meeting he had with President Trump yesterday evening. In doing so Putin has just put the ball in Trump’s court to prove that he’s not a traitor. What Putin likely knows, however, is that Trump won’t be refuting his claims.

In today’s press conference Putin has been quoted as saying the following when asked if President Trump had accepted his claim that Russia had nothing to do with the hacking of the 2016 Presidential election:

“I think that he noted it and he agreed with it. But I think it is better to ask him.”

Now if in fact Putin’s side of the story is true, that would mean that President Trump has gone against evidence provided by numerous US Intelligence agencies, and instead accepted merely the word of the leader of a hostile foreign power. There is no evidence that Russia did not interfere in our elections, meaning that Trump’s inaction and decision to side with that hostile foreign power is a clear definition of treason.

Hold your horses though, as Putin threw the ball over to Trump by saying “But I think it is better to ask him.” The problem here is that the President will not be taking questions at the Summit this weekend, and has severely alienated the US press. It is highly unlikely that President Trump will be providing an answer to this question, and Putin likely knows this. If Trump does happen to respond to such a question it is also highly unlikely that he will go against the Russian leader’s words, proving once again that his loyalty is not to the American public, but to Russia and Putin.

Prove me wrong Mr. Trump. Come out and forcefully deny the fact that you agree with Putin’s assessment of the meeting. If you DO NOT, there is absolutely no other rational explanation for your behavior besides the obvious conclusion that you, yourself are a foreign agent.

  • Velska

    Sure, why wouldn’t Trump openly confess to being a traitor? So of course he’s denying that Russia meddled in the election, let alone that he colluded with them about it. Although his defence has gone from “no contact with Russia” via “contact, but no collusion” to ” even if there was collusion, it was totally fine!”

    Trump’s a traitor. End of.

  • Otis Thecat

    trump has gone from national embarrassment to international embarrassment.

    • what’s going on

      Well said.

    • Trees4ourearth

      it was only a matter of time.

  • Orionsangel

    Trump has business ties in Russia and Tillerson wants his Exxon deal with Putin. So of course they’re kissing Putin butt. You can never have enough money and power in thIS world. These greedy aholes are destorying America for theie own selfish needs. America is now owned by Russia.

  • Catalina Woody

    Your story has so many distorted facts in it! You demean people doing this and then makes us look stupid when we repeat it. We can search and find the truth. There is always 2 sides to every story and the truth is always somewhere in between.

    • Joey Galleno

      Your comment is so stupid, it proves you’re a Trump supporter

      • Ale Rad

        You’re a fucking retarded blind delluded lefty

        • Cheeto Jesus

          Speaking of retarded, you misspelled ‘deluded’.

          • what’s going on


          • Starde

            Trump supporters are Trump. He doesn’t listen, they do not listen. He screams fake news in the face of truth to keep the wool over his supporters eyes and they fall in line, because they do not want to know. They believe ignorance is bliss.

        • EZ HERO

          C’mon! Who is a blind, retarded and “delluded” (sp) lefty gonna find to fuck?

  • Karen Howard

    This whole thing stinks!! The American people are being played.

    • Lee Lee

      By Dems.

    • Trees4ourearth

      I wonder if they don’t see it?

  • Wendye Kolles

    I’m an Aussie and I really feel for anti-Trump Americans who are now having to put up with a (p)Resident of the White House who is TOTALLY UNFIT for the most important Office in the world. Trump has made a mockery of the Office and is disrespecting and destroying a beautiful, democratic society.

    I don’t understand why he’s not already in prison! It seems the more he’s allowed to hold the POTUS position, the more damage he’s doing.


    • Starde

      That is the $64,000 question, Wendye. Why is Trump allowed to set in the presidential seat at all. Canada has so much info on his corruption, the USA has to have it too, yet the Republicans took over the Senate, Congress and House so keep their guy in. This is as much a condemnation of the Republican Party as it is the Trump Administration and Family. The entire Trump Administration needs to go and a new election held. Not necessarily with Clinton but other more honorable candidates. Trump throws away the US Constitution, therefore the citizens should avoid whatever is in it that allows Trump to serve one more minute, requires a Pence takeover, or any of those within his Administration, All need to go and a new start required, America needs to take a page from Iceland and see how they threw out all its corrupt folks, let the economy fall and all start over a new democracy that considers the needs of ALL the people.

      • Wendye Kolles

        Thanks for your response Starde. I agree that the WHOLE Trump admin has to go – NOW! I think by Pence, Ryan etc not speaking out against Trump, they are enabling him to destroy the U.S.

        I also agree that there needs to be a new election. No, Hillary SHOULDN’T run again as she has too much baggage.

        I think a presidential candidate should have to go through intense scrutiny regarding morals, character, etc. If that had been the case, there’s no way Trump would now be (p)Resident. Trump hijacked the Republican party and I don’t understand why they’re not speaking out against him.

        Thanks for telling me about Iceland. It’s very interesting. I think after Trump is gone, the U.S. will have to go through a lot of pain to get back on track.

  • Public_Sense

    You leftists are such idiots. This is a complete reach and non-story. Lol

    • Dan Ketch

      Nah. He’ll leave the WH as a disgrace, never finishing the first term. SO fun to watch him and his ass-head supporters get the boot. (If he doesn’t get us all killed first, the fucking clown).

  • Teresa Greifenberger