EXCLUSIVE: Trump/Russia Expands – GOP Senator & Congressmen Possibly Implicated


There has been a lot made in the media lately about President Trump’s campaign adviser, Paul Manafort. While investigations look into his involvement as a possible actor in the 2016 election influence campaign by Russia, it now appears as though his involvement may go even deeper.

Yesterday evening, IR.net was made aware of a complaint that has been filed by Massachusetts Attorney, J. Whitfield Larrabee against Republican U.S. Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (48th Congressional District of California) and Ed Royce (39th Congressional District of California) as well as Republican U.S. Senator James Risch of Idaho, in relation to contributions which appear to have been made through Paul Manafort and other lobbyists who were illegally acting as intermediaries for foreign entities — more specifically the Ukraine Party of Regions (a Vladimir Putin ally) and the European Centre For a Modern Ukraine (also a Putin ally).

“In the course of pursuing litigation against Paul Manafort in Connecticut to revoke his law license, I determined that Rohrabacher, Royce and Risch illegally received payments from the Ukraine Party of Regions and the European Centre For a Modern Ukraine,” Attorney, J. Whitfield Larrabee tells IR.net. “The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits foreign nationals from making campaign contributions to candidates for federal office. It also prohibits contributions made by one person in the name of another. Paul Manafort, Vin Weber, Ed Kutler and other lobbyists illegally acted as intermediaries for the foreign entities in making the contributions. After the lobbyists made donations, they were reimbursed by the Party of Regions and the European Centre For a Modern Ukraine. The pattern of conduct indicates that the payments originated with foreign nationals and were made by means of a straw donor scheme.”

Larrabee has filed a formal complaint with the House Office of Congressional Ethics. He has also sent a formal letter to the Department of Justice, specifically directed at Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, and suggests that other Senators, Representatives, lobbyists, foreign agents and foreign nationals also likely participated in the criminal scheme, often referred to as a straw donor scheme.

Larrabee suggests that Rohrabacher and Royce committed criminal violations of the Federal Election Campaign Act, 52 U.S.C. § 30121 and § 30122, by knowingly receiving and accepting illegal campaign contributions made by foreign nations, and knowingly accepting contributions made by one person in the name of another person as part of a straw donor scheme.

The fact that this scheme may go even deeper than those mentioned here, could conceivable cause huge disruptions not only for the Republican party but for the entire House and Senate should this move past a formal complaint. What is even more disturbing is the fact that these contributions apparently came from pro-Putin groups, groups which appear to be trying to recruit influence over more individuals within the Republican party. All three of these individuals mentioned have shown to be avid Donald Trump supporters since his campaign began.

Senator Risch has been a huge defender of Trump, taking aim at leakers recently. He also happens to be on the Senate Intelligence Committee, the same committee that is currently investigating Trump’s possible collusion with Russia.  Could these allegations help explain why so many Republican Senators and Congressmen have continued to support Trump through the entire Russian election meddling investigation? Could more of these politicians be involved in Russian collusion as well?

The letter that Larrabee sent to the Department of Justice can be found below:

Enclosed please find a complaint against Representative Dana Rohrabacher and Representative Edward Royce filed today with the House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics. I request that the Department of Justice investigate the complaint as it concerns a scheme to illegally contribute funds from foreign nationals to candidates for federal office. The complaint also describes an illegal straw donor scheme. One of the lobbyists who participated in the scheme, Paul J. Manafort, Jr., is reportedly under investigation by the office of Special Counsel. Since there are potential links to the Russia investigation, I have requested the Special Counsel to investigate the matter. The complaint concerns illegal activities of lobbyists and unregistered foreign agents in Washington, D.C. that are likely within the purview of U. S. Attorney Phillips. Finally the complaint concerns criminal activity by elected officials and therefore may fall within the purview of the Public Integrity Section.

Although the complaint describes the illegal acceptance of contributions by Members of the House of Representatives, the criminal scheme extended to the United States Senate. Jim Risch is an Idaho Senator who served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2013. Three lobbyists from Mercury Public Affairs met with Senator Risch on November 13, 2013. The lobbyists were John Vincent Weber, Edward Kutler and Michael McSherry. The purpose of the meeting was to lobby on behalf of the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine (“ECFMU”) a foreign national. These facts were disclosed in Mercury’s registration statement under the Foreign Agents Registration Act that it recently filed. On December 4, 2013, according to Mercury’s statement and Federal Election Commission (“FEC”) records, Weber, Kutler and McSherry each contributed $1,000 to the Jim Risch for U. S. Senate Committee. Mercury was reimbursed for the lobbyists’ contributions between March 31, 2014 and April 7, 2014, when the ECFMU paid Mercury over $218,000 in fees and “reimbursement.” Risch accepted the contributions, knowing that they were paid through a straw, and that the funds came from the ECFMU, or other foreign nationals of Ukrainian or Russian origin who where laundering money though the ECFMU. 52 U.S.C. § 30121 prohibits the giving and receiving of contributions from foreign nationals. 52 U.S.C. § 30122 prohibits the giving and receiving of contributions made by one person in the name of another. By receiving and accepting the contributions, Risch knowingly and willfully violated 52 U.S.C. §§ 30121 and 30122.

It is likely that other Senators, Representatives, lobbyists, foreign agents and foreign nationals also participated in this expansive criminal scheme.

As the five year statute of limitations for filing criminal charges against many of the individuals participating in the scheme may pass shortly, I respectfully request that the Department of Justice conduct an expedited investigation of the activities described in the complaint and in this letter.

Thank you for your time and consideration of these matters.

Below you will find a screenshot showing part of the formal complaint showing payments received by the Royce Campaign.


Stay tuned, as further information on this will be reported by IR.net as we hear more.

  • Para Dux

    We all know he’s guilty.
    Except the trumpbumbkins running around shooting off their mouths like mental patients.

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  • JWL-Boston

    Read the full complaint here. https://www.scribd.com/document/352994629/Complaint-With-Office-of-Congressional-Ethics-Against-Dana-Rohrabacher-Edward-Royce

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  • michael

    I can’t say this enough…. The entire Repiglican party will have RICO statutes against them. Their whole platform was changed when Trump won. Proof…. Look at their platform 1 year prior. After he won the nomination the party officials changed it to be tellingly more pro Russian. It WILL come down to RICO. I’ve been saying RICO for 17 months now.
    Mark those words!

    • jpfoursc

      More pro Russia than obama admin? Gimme a break with this nonsense….

      • Morningside

        How do you figure Obama was pro Russia? That is just laughable. Good God!

        • jpfoursc

          maybe you’d like to remind us all under which admin it was that let russia into the crimea??? or under which admin all this hacking nonsense is even alleged to have occurred during without any type of response???
          laughable indeed….

          • Eric Schusterman

            Common sense eludes you.

          • jpfoursc

            Then should be easy to refute my argument… have at it.

      • Peter Baro Jr

        Another looney tune fox

        • jpfoursc

          so you dispute obama admin was russia friendly? how else to characterize letting russia stroll into crimea?

          • SidSeven

            Ok, Einstein, What COULD We Have Done? Go To WAR W/Russia?
            They Hit Them With Sanctions.
            You Obama-Hillary Derangement Types Are Dumber Than Dirt
            Blame Hillary For ‘Selling Uranium’ To Russia (She Didn’t, & Could Not Have Anyway)
            Blame Obama For Blowing Up The Mid-East (Bush)
            Blame Obama For Isis (Bush)
            Blame Obama For NOT Stopping Russian Meddling In Our Election, More Sanctions
            The Donald & Company Are All A Bunch Of Russian-Loving CROOKS, Yet You See Nothing Wrong?
            RW Hypocrisy Is So Stunning You Idiots Must Be A Different SPECIES

          • jpfoursc

            Yeah, you’re right… nothing could have been done. Obama was SO tough on those Russians… LOLS! And where were all you Russia hawks the last 8 years? Oh that’s right, you were smugly snickering along with president mom jeans when he claimed the 80’s wanted it’s foreign policy back…. looks like you’re just another lib phony

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            What can I clarify for you???

          • EZ HERO

            There seems to be conflicting accounts of how one is able to tell with certainty whether or not a particular Tuscan melon is ripe or not.

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            Color of the stripes/ribs…. duh.

          • Darlene Bouchard

            Calling us idiots and what are you guys called not smart thats for sure.

          • Eric Schusterman

            I couldn’t say it any better.This clown has zero common sense.RWers have problems understanding context but that’s the least of their problems.

          • jpfoursc

            Couldn’t say it any better? you don’t have a real argument. Again, under which admin did Russia move into the Crimea? Who was it that told medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the election? Who pulled missile defense out of Eastern Europe???? Please elaborate on this context I’m supposed to be failing to understand?

      • Michael

        You have the I.Q. of a rock. A very, very dumb rock.

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          Then it should be easy refute my argument…. instead you offer name calling. Not the hallmark of intelligence.

          • Michael

            Neither is writing in fragments.

          • jpfoursc

            Sorry, but invective does not count as argument. You seem a bit confused so let me parse this out for you… assertion: Obama admin was in fact, very friendly to Russia. Evidence: Obama allowed Russia into Crimea, he told medvedev he’d have more flexibility after the election, he pulled Eastern euro missile defense in deference to Russia. It’s clear you can’t refute this, so you resort to ad hominem. Sad….

          • Michael

            What’s sad is your manipulation of the truth to suit your own ends. You blather on as if your opinion of the matter is fact when much smarter people that you or me have said otherwise.


          • jpfoursc

            😂😂 Well that settles it. An opinion piece from the Atlantic…. Calamur’s defense of Obama is pathetic at best laughable at worst. He completely glosses over obama’s smug retort to Romney claiming Russia as #1 geopolitical threat and refuses to even hint that obama’s assessment was largely wrong. His argument is essentially the Ukraine was largely useless to the west and was likely to be annexed any way? Not to mention, it fails to address pulling missile defense from Eastern Europe. Obama was soft on Russia. You can try to spin it however you like but the facts are the facts. Care to take another swing? Or maybe come up with some more cute name calling….

          • Michael

            It was a far more measured argument than yours. Republicans love to just claim that others are wrong while their own claims are smug, glib, one-sided and biased. Yours is an opinion as well but you claim fact and then dispute all other challenges as wrong. Keep fighting your fight.

          • jpfoursc

            I gave my opinion and bolstered with universally accepted facts. You offered a link to an editorial in a liberal periodical.

          • Michael

            No, you presented an opinion via the manipulation of facts. There’s a difference.

          • jpfoursc

            so again, you offer nothing. Please expound on how I “manipulated” facts. Facts are facts and I formed my argument around them. If my facts are incorrect, let’s here your case. So far, all you’ve done is name call and offer an editorial. Pretty weak…..

    • Darlene Bouchard

      Dumocrats are stupid

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        It is with great enthusiasm and gratitude that we welcome the surcease you bring to this forum as well as the great insight you’ve just contributed.

        Do you feel more like you do now than when you first posted?

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          Perfect reply! I’ll use the same tactic from now on.

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            My sifu once told me that the number one target on the opponent is their mind. I believe you get that.

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          Almost as good as “repiglican”….

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      Follow the money.

    • Alan House

      RICO might be applicable to the Obama FiSA using a phony intel report with Lynch and Comey warning, collecting and sealing, sit-ins on interviews, and immunity agreements passed out like candy…..but they found no collusion….following every thread now…hoping to find somethiing, anything they might exploit; so now what to do Whiney baby libtards?

  • MargaretEDavis

    It is now being investigated because something has surfaced that Russia influenced the republican primaries. I can believe that. Trump could not have been and in my opinion was not the one to be put forward as the candidate.

  • LeeDoza

    Yep, they are all CROOKS … and we know NUNES got supported by CHINESE NuSkin company… COME ON California PRIMARY all these guys.. the #ClimateChange denier, #racist #misogynistic #homophobic #KOCHbros #teaparty is GOING DOWN. @MoveOn @latimes @LatinoTimes @sfchron @sacbee_news @dailykos @Shareblue

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    Wanna bet his 3AM Tweet storm tonight calls this America’s greatest G-20 Summit and a total triumph?

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      Right on, just as you said

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      very low to no energy, looks like he needs sleep, guessing the other leaders knew this and is why they left him alone.

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        that and they didn’t want to be Grabbed

  • Googlybearhug4u

    With all the wild successes of the GOP in state-level races, it makes perfect sense that russia was complicit there too.

  • Trees4ourearth

    Time to Impeach!

  • Nicholas


    A significantly greater amount of money (over $200,000 more) was given to John Podesta’s brother’s group by the European Centre For a Modern Ukraine in 2012. It was the pretext for the Obama/Clinton/Russian “reset” the same year. But hey, that doesn’t fit your narrative right?