ISIS On The Rise In Australia’s Prison System


Guards at Australia’s Goulburn Correctional Centre, in New South Wales, say that prison gangs such as Brothers 4 Life and Will To Kill are aligning themselves with ISIS.

At least 30 gang members have been engaged in barbaric warfare against staff members and prisoners who refuse to convert to radical Islam. They’ve threatened to behead any “infidel” who opposes their religious ideology.

Prison 01Goulburn houses supermax, maximum and minimum security inmates. And it’s home to some of the country’s most infamous and dangerous criminals.

Members of the Notorious biker gang have switched their allegiance to Brothers 4 Life, increasing that group’s influence inside the prison walls. With at least 100 members behind bars, Brothers 4 Life is one of the state’s largest prison gangs.  It was established by murderer Bassam Hamzy.

Prison 03

“The Notorious guys at Goulburn are getting their tattoos removed and are coming back and joining BFL,’’ said an officer. “They come through and start associating with radical Islam. They’ve never come out and ­officially claimed they’re an ISIS gang. Neither have the bosses, but that’s what is happening.”

“We’ve found ISIS flags, tattoos, and lots of other indicators,” he reported. “You could call it a prison gang.”

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Bans on speaking Arabic have been established to prevent inmates convicted of terror-related crimes from planning attacks. But inmates in the all-Muslim “Lebanese yard” are still permitted to use the language. Last month, prison guards relocated all males from there who didn’t identify as Islamic. That move came on the heels of an incident in which Darwiche gang member Adnan ‘‘Eddie’’ Darwiche was stabbed in a religiously-motivated gang war ­between inmates linked with ISIS and former Sydney street gang the Assyrian Kings.

“Word on the street was most in that yard (had been radicalized) and they were going to take a hostage — one of the six Christians in the yard — and behead them,” said a corrections officer.
But the Christians struck first, attacking Darwiche in full view of four guards.

He was stabbed eight times by two Christian inmates wielding shivs made from a toilet brush and a sandwich toaster handle.
Brothers 4 Life is among the most violent and powerful gangs in the New South Wales prison system and has managed to seize control of a multi-million dollar drug empire.

But the organization has been wracked by internal struggle as various high-profile members at different penal institutions tried to seize control.

Officials have relocated many of the gang’s leaders from Goulburn to other facilities in an effort to stop the recent outburst of violence.