This One-Handed High School Football Wide Receiver Sets Record & Dominates Opponents


While football is one of my favorite sports to play, I never was courageous enough as a high school student to try out for the team. Then again, being that I weighed just around 100 pounds as a Freshman, I probably wouldn’t have had much of a shot at being anything more than a bench warmer. For one teen from Cambridge Springs High School in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania, he didn’t let his physical disadvantages get in the way of allowing him to become one of the state’s best football players.

Kris Silbaugh, who was born without one of his hands, plays wide receiver, of all positions, for his high school football team. This past Friday, he caught a 43-yard touchdown pass during his team’s 63-0 romping over rival Saegertown. This made him the school’s all-time receiving yardage leader with 915 yards. Silbaugh, who is still only a junior, has 38 career catches and next looks to break the school’s receptions record of 57.

“I definitely want all of the records I can get,” Silbaugh explained to USA Today. “It’s crazy that, at first, no one knew me and now I get the best guy in the secondary all the time. I still feel like I have to prove people wrong because there’s always someone in the stands that hasn’t seen me play. I know that people will always be shocked at what I’m able to do because I only have one hand, but my goal is to be known as a dominant player, period.”

onehandaniWhile lacking a hand on his left arm, Silbaugh certainly doesn’t let this birth defect get in the way of his play. As seen in the video provided, he still uses both arms to haul in balls, and also has no problems playing on the other side of the ball as well. Silbaugh is a phenomenal defensive players who has made many incredible tackles and interceptions over the course of his playing career.

Now, several colleges are looking at possibly recruiting the star athlete, who possesses 4.4 40-yard-dash speed, something even elite receivers in the NFL can not match.

“I’m pretty confident because of my speed and I just feel like every ball is a catchable ball for me,” Silbaugh explained. “I’ve been getting a few letters from colleges, but I’m just focusing on the season. I just want to help the team in any way that I can.”

It’s not just Football that Silbaugh has excelled at either. He is also on his high school’s basketball and volleyball teams. It should be interesting to follow this amazing young athlete as his high school and potentially college careers continue.